Fifties and Sixties Memories

Good Morning, ya'll and welcome to my blog. Come on in and have a cup of coffee for it is almost always full. I think you call that an addiction but what the heck, it could be margaritas and wild men. You know those sound pretty good but don't think I can remember how to do that.

I'm in a remembering frame of mind this morning brought on by trying to get in a pair of jeans which are a tad too tight. So here goes:

Remember when-

  • when jeans were too tight you would lie down on the bed on your back, suck in your stomach and zip quickly - still do that
  • Elvis was king and we all had duck-tails
  • We rolled our long hair on orange juice cans so we would have a bouffant hair style
  • Used a whole can of hair spray so the bouffant hair wouldn't move in a tornado
  • Wore our collars turned up like James Dean with our Elvis duck tails
  • Gas was 10 cents a gallon
  • Twisted to Chubby Checker "The Peppermint Twist" - had a heck of a time learning how to do this until a friend suggested I polish my seat with a towel
  • Played with a hula hoop
  • Boys wore white t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up
  • Combed their duck tails constantly
  • Wore butch hair wax on their flat tops - felt like barbed wire
  • Drugs were what you took for a headache
  • Grass was what you cut with a push lawn mower
  • Wore hundred yard crinolines under their gathered skirts - hard to sit in a school desk with all that
  • Wore hoops under their evening dresses
  • Never went to church without gloves and hat - white in the summer and black, brown or navy in the winter
  • Always wore skirts or dresses to church and we had to wear them to school
  • Wore bobby socks and saddle oxfords
  • Wore penny loafers with new pennies
I'm sure there are many more so send me some.
Almost nuff said
The Georgia Peach

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Becky said...

I remember playing with hula hoops. The rest of that is for you older generation. :)

Love you