Thursday's Frustrations

Happy New Year ya'll! I am having a most frustrating morning and last night. I did see the New Year in but did not intend to. My computer that I have loved and cherished for about 5 years is sick with a virus. Somehow I did not have the virus protection on and some real bad spy ware and viruses sneaked in and almost killed the poor thing. I cannot even run my antivirus scanware but finally downloaded a free one from the Net and says it is clean, but it still will not let me use the Internet and it locks up and freezes a lot. Soooo, I've had to give up my old friend until I can take her to the doctor and get her all cleaned up and well again.

Now what am I using in the meantime. Weeel, I had bought a really nice HP Pavilion laptop in the spring as my retirement present to me and had not used it. I know, I can hear you mumbling under your breath, brother Sam but it's hard to give up an old friend. Thank goodness my grandson, Jimmy, had set it up for me in August so I could pull it out and use it. The thing is, I am having to learn a new keyboard and am having a heck of a time not making a jillion mistakes. I have used Vista when working so that will not be a problem, but just learning what all these buttons are for and setting up the printer will be a challenge. I'm just glad I have the Net back for I was going through withdrawal - think I am addicted.

Also, I have entered the 21st century in another way. I now have a Facebook account. Whoo Hoo for me. You see, my brother Sam had too long off from work and had nothing to do but start this stuff and now the whole family is on it plus numerous friends. I just know our grandchildren are just thrilled that MawMaw has a Facebook account. Bless their hearts, just get over it and get a life for I sure have. Go granny go!

I hope you have your blackeyed peas and greens ready for dinner or have eaten some. If not poor you for your year is going to be a mess. Let me tell you how to fix some good blackeyed peas. Start with the dried ones and I use about a cup. Pour them in a colander, pick out the bad ones, rinse several times and put in boiler to soak. I usually soak mine for about 3-4 hours then rinse again several times. This last step helps with the flatulence problem so don't forget. Put in fresh water to cover well, add salt and pepper to taste, a small onion chopped, 1 clove garlic diced well, several lean chunks of ham and let simmer until tender. Don't boil them until they fall to pieces just simmer until tender. These are slap yo mama good. Tomorrow add some cooked rice and you have hopping john.

Now at my brother's house he will add some catsup and crumbled cornbread like our Gandy Stuart did. You have to try it before you frown for it is good. Gandy always ate blackeyed peas every day with catsup and cornbread.

Well I have to go for now and finish up our dinner for the turnips are almost ready and I need to fix some crackling cornbread. Ya'll come on by and have some.

Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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