Tuesday's Thoughts

Good evening to all ya'll. Come in the house and have a hot cup of coffee for it is right chilly outside or just a tad cold and that is an understatement if I've ever said one. I don't like cold weather and be glad when it is 80 and rising.

Been a while since I found anything funny in the local advertising paper but found a couple today. Now it seems that a couple of people in Adel didn't attend sex-ed classes or flunked out for they are a little confused about gender. There is some one with this problem: "NOTICE: I have a female Jack Russel Terrier that I'm wanting to breed with a MALE Jack Russell terrier. Please call if interested." Now my question is, what other gender would you breed a female dog with except a male dog? I don't think they would get many puppies from a female and female match do you. Wake up people!

Then there is the add of redundancy or restating the obvious: "For Sale: One male Rhode Island Red rooster." Now the last time I heard, all roosters are MALE and hens are female. If I'm misinformed please let me know. I don't want to be only one who is ignorant of this fact.

Now there seems to be one person selling kids clothes that are not hers. The ad reads: " Other kids clothing, sizes vary." The question is: Do you know the kids whose clothing you are selling or do we call and give the sizes so that you can pick out the kids whose clothes you are going to sell? Are they random kids or selected kids clothing? Is she a broker for kid's clothes? Lots of unanwered questions here.

Of course there are always the misspelled words. "For Sale: 10 inch compound mider saw, Sears bench top ban saw." I wonder if a mider saw could just maybe make a miter cut? Now if the bench top saw is banned, there must be a problem we really don't want to get involved with. It could be like banned books and be bad for you.

Oh well, maybe these problems can be solved somehow and that is ----

Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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