Sunday's Memories

Ya'll come on in and have cup of coffee. I have a fresh pot brewing and it smells so good so come on in the house. We had a great worship service at our church today and I hope you worshiped with yours today.

As I was getting dressed this morning, I just happened to have a new dress- basic black of course, and I thought about the many beautiful dresses mama made for me growing up. This simple, black dress I had bought put me in the mind to begin sewing again for if I had not found this little dress on a 75 percent off rack I would not have bought it. Prices are ridiculous and when I turn in inside out to check the seams, it surely would not pass "Miss Leacy's" inspection in Home Ec. The inside had to look as good as the outside to pass her class and it couldn't look "homemade" if she could help it. The first zipper I put in was ripped out about 4 times before it passed her specifications. I slap wore out the material around it sewing and ripping, sewing and ripping. She, along with mama, made a pretty good seamstress out of me. So, I think the time has come for me to use my craft and I know I can make a better looking dress for a lot less money.

Mama made me wonderful clothes and they didn't look homemade only prettier than bought ones. She would buy pretty gingham and plaid material and make these cute little dresses with sashes tied in the back and she always made panties to match the dresses. I think this was because I was a bit of a tomboy and when I had my seat in the air on the slide and jungle gym, I stayed decent. That was the one thing a man remembered about me in elementary school as long as he lived was my matching panties. Evidently I had my rear in the air a lot.

One of the material mama would use was "feed sack" cloth. Now this is not the feed sack burlap you may be familiar with but a lovely patterned cotton. It would take 3, 100lb. feed sacks to make me a dress and daddy would always ask mama what pattern she needed when he would go to get cow feed. Sometimes I would go to Mr. Hawthorne's store to pick out the ones I wanted.

When they were empty, mama would wash them well, iron them and then a new dress was in the making. It was cotton cloth that was as heavy as linen and would wash and iron well. I am putting some websites in this article to show you what I am talking about. You see we used everything to it's greatest advantage and this was useful and pretty.

So, I think I am going to get my sewing skills back up to date and make my own dresses again, but I don't think I will make panties to match. I have grown up and my backside is a little bit bigger than at that time and plaids will make it look even larger and that would be totally unacceptable.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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