Sunday's Ponderings

Good afternoon. Ya'll come on over for a visit and I can make some coffee. We just finished dinner and it was good. One day soon, I will put the recipe for a pork roast I found on the Net in a posting. It was good and I will cook it again.

I hope you all went to church today for we had 206 in Sunday School and over 300 in worship. This was great but I know Pastor Ben would rather have the 300 in Sunday School since it is the place of teaching and learning. He reminds of this each Sunday and looks like that other 100 would learn after a while, doesn't it?

However, I have found that some people just come to church. I'm not sure why except maybe because their friends are there and it looks good in the obituary. Why sometimes I read an obituary and it says they are an active member of our church and I stop in amazement for I don't ever recall seeing them there and I've been there 19 years. So if they were active it was over 19 years ago and praise the Lord. I tend to think they just wanted it look good in the paper.

There are some who come to be seen by the rest of us. You know the ones who have a new outfit and want to make us envy them and their new clothes. Sometimes I do, for living on a retirement income doesn't fund too many new Sunday outfits, not that is too important to me now. But they seem to think that church is a fashion show and they are the models. If they only knew that most of us could not tell you what anyone had on 5 minutes after we walk out the door. For that matter, a lot of us can't remember anything that happened over 5 minutes ago. Bless their hearts, let them come on and maybe they will let the Lord speak to them all dressed up in their fine clothes. Maybe Ben needs to preach on the fact that Jesus only had one cloak and it most likely was not fancy and I think that is the one we worship. Oh well, bless their hearts anyway.

Another group that comes to church are the "flower children" as my brother-in-law, the preacher calls them. These are the ones who come on Christmas to see the poinsettias and at Easter to see the Easter lilies and to show off their new clothes. It is amazing how many people think 2 hours a year is a gracious plenty to worship. Maybe we need to let them in on the secret that we have pretty flowers every Sunday and they don't have to have new outfit to come to church. Hello, people, wake up!

The group which gets my panties in a wad, are those who have to have a dill pickle for breakfast to pucker up their lips for worship. You know those who come, never smile, think the preacher is the pits, the music is too loud, too soft, or new and they can't sing them from memory and goodness, they use taped music for the choir. They also come, with pursed lips to critic everyone there to comment later on how they were dressed, where they sat, who they spoke to, and to wonder why in the world they thought they could come to MY church. After all, you don't look me, act like me, smell like me, and on and on. It is rather painful to have to look at them from the choir, for rejoicing is not their first or last name. Come on folks, Psalms says to enter the courts with praise and I dare you praise the Lord with a sour-pickle face.

The last group are those I love to watch from the choir. They have smiles on their faces, songs in their hearts, their Bible opened to the scripture, pens in hands to take notes and they worship in song, prayer and drinking in God's words as preached by Brother Ben. They may even say "Amen" every now and then, but you know they are worshipping the Lord with all their heart and soul. Praise God and pass the ammunition - ammo of prayer for those who do not come to worship.

Well, I think that is my sermon for today, but I hope those who come for any other reason than to worship will let the Lord show them His glory so they will have to look up, fall to their knees, smile and worship Him.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach