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Good evening to ya'll. Come on in for a coke or some iced tea and sit a spell. My computer died this morning and had to recover, restore, and remember how to do all that. Finally back up and I wanted to say hello.

Had a great day at our church yesterday with 262 in Sunday School and 312 in worship!! We had a day of prayer in Sunday School and church for our coming building program. We are out of room, amen. One of our new classes had 27 in a small room and the teacher said it was like playing the game twister to get everyone in. Talk about close communion, they were almost in someones lap, not they minded. After all we are talking "young" adults and some not married or newly married. They will be moving to the Fellowship hall so they can have more room. That is a fantastic problem to have to solve, right?

As I was dressing yesterday for church, I was putting on panty hose and wishing for the warm weather to come back so I didn't have to wear them. Although, when I was growing up that would have been heresy, sacrilegious and downright unladylike. You ALWAYS wore hose or stockings as we called them, to church or anywhere else you wore your "dress" shoes. No lady would be caught dead in public in dress shoes without stockings on. Bare legs was for sandals, and very casual clothes.

Church meant you had on your Sunday best, your stockings, your Sunday shoes, your hat, gloves and purse. Now you only wore your hat on Sunday mornings because you couldn't wear them after 5 pm and you didn't have to wear your gloves on Sunday night. We could also wear flats at night, but the stockings had to be on.

We called them stockings way back then and the wearing of these things meant you had to wear a girdle, or garter belt, or if you were older, you wore garters. These things came above the knees and you kept them up with the garters on your girdles (that almost rhymes) or with a garter belt. Either way, when you sat down they stuck you in the back of the legs and were a tad uncomfortable. I preferred the girdle for it was a little more comfortable and kept all of my skinny self tucked in nicely. You see I was a little, tiny thing with no figure at all. Turn me sideways and I still looked like a boy for I didn't develop much of a womanly figure.

Not only did you have to have garters to keep them up, they all had seams up the back of the stockings and keeping those seams straight were a royal decree. You had to put them on very carefully so they wouldn't run and have a straight seam up the back of the legs. Now that might seem easy, but if your legs were like pipe stems without much shape, it was difficult. They tended to twist and sag which really look pitiful and unladylike. Remember, my mama raised me right to be a Southern lady and our stocking seams were supposed to always be straight and not sag around the ankles.

It was always quite a chore to get this duty just right, for being a lady was most important. You see if we acted unladylike it reflected poorly on our mamas. Our mamas were judged on how we dressed, how we looked and how we acted. If at anytime we did not conduct ourselves as true, Southern ladies, with grace and good breeding, the "mama police" in our small town would shake their heads and declare we certainly didn't act like our mama's taught us. Then they would fulfill their purpose in life and call our mamas to report our misdeeds and our mamas would shake their heads and remind us we were a reflection of our mamas. This meant if our conduct was not proper and correct they would get the blame and they weren't having that!

Now you understand why when panty hose were created, all women shouted hallelujah and amen! Even better, they didn't have seams up the back of the legs and we didn't have to wear girdles or garter belts. We had been set free, so to speak. We could pull those things up and that was it. Now it is a tad uncomfortable if you get the legs a little crooked, for that will make you want to walk sideways which would be a little strange, don't you think?

Even better they came out with those which just reach the knees to wear with pants or long skirts. This is good if you don't mind not having any circulation below the knees which can cause you to loose feeling in that area, so you have to be careful or your leg might drop off.

One of the funniest sights I have ever seen was in another church we attended. There was a section in the back which was centered and if you sat in the choir you had a frontal view of those people. There was a rather wealthy lady in our church who wore really nice and expensive clothes and in the winter even had real, mink jacket which she liked to display for the rest of us. One Sunday she sat in this back area, straight in front of me. I looked back there and there she sat in her fine clothes, the mink jacket and her legs stretched apart and the trouser socks not reaching the hem of her dress by a mile. Talk about strange and funny looking, that took the cake. I instantly thought about her mama and how she sure didn't raise her right and she had forgotten that your dress always came below the top of your stockings. Poor thing, that mink jacket didn't even help. bless her heart.

So don't complain about wearing panty hose, for they are blessing from above for they freed us from girdles, garter belts and uneven seams. Hallelujah, I'm free.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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Becky said...

I am so glad that today we can make the choice to wear them or not wear them. If it was up to me, I would never wear them.

Keep it coming mama!! Love you.