Monday's Memories

Good evening, ya'll. Glad to be back home for a hospital is the best place you can be when you are sick, but when you are taking care of someone, it is not a place you enjoy. We are home now, and Roy has a brand, new knee. He is doing really well I think but still in lots of pain and he and the walker are still new pals. They are getting better acquainted though and he moves pretty quickly around the house.

Now tomorrow will be a big day! He has his first round of physical therapy here in Adel. I suspect that will be quite a trip! He has been on therapy since the first day in the hospital but I am sure this will be a little tougher. Our family doctor says physical therapist know a lot about getting you mobile, but not a thing about pain management. I will have the percocet with me and he can have one the minute he is through. Ya'll pray for him that he will filter his language and not blurt out what is going through his mind. I'm sure the therapist have heard it all, but after all he is a deacon in the First Baptist Church and has a reputation to protect!

You know a hospital is an interesting place with some very interesting people. Now the care we got was great for the most part, but occasionally you encounter those you wonder why they are in the medical field. We had one nurse who called Roy, "Pumpkin," "Sugar," and "Honey." Sounds like the ingredients for a pie, all we needed was "Crust." Not only was she way too friendly, she was a little strange in a weird sort of way. I will just say, "Bless her heart, she had a little weight problem." Probably like her mama, bless her heart.

Then there was the young physical therapist tech. I though he looked familiar but after teaching at a large high school for 18 years, a lot of young people look familiar. As he was working on Roy's knee bender machine, I politely asked him where he went to high school and when he said, Lowndes High I gave him a great big smile and said I was a media specialist there to which he replied, "Yes, you threw me out of the library for talking." Red faced and with foot in the mouth I said, well you had 3 warnings, you should have hushed talking. He grinned and said, "Yes ma'am, you are right." Sure am glad he doesn't hold a grudge especially since he was setting up the "knee bender torture machine."

The first an second days were rather interesting for Roy was high as a Georgia pine on pain killers. He had one of those pain pumps and his thumb was working overtime on that little button. Once I noticed his thumb was pressing the thin air after they took it away from him. He also had shots and pills so he was in "The Big La La Land" the one far, far away.

He was being obstinate one time when the sweet nurse asked him if he had had a bath. He told her no and wasn't going to take one. She just smiled and said OK. Well this was about the second or third smart remark from him so I told her if she would bring me a hammer, I would take care the smart Alec. She gave me a very strange look and I explained I would knock him in the head and that would put him out of his misery and ours too. She was a bit taken aback, then realized I was kidding and said she would try to find me one. Not sure at that point I was kidding for he was being a big pain in the ____. From then on she would ask if I needed a hammer when he would start up his nonsense.

It's interesting he says he doesn't remember a thing about it, and maybe that's right for he would ask me something 3 or 4 times and I would repeat it over and over. Now I know what it is going to be like when he is old and has half-timers and I think I am going to get a BIG prescription of Percocet for me or a whole bunch of mama's homemade wine. Of course, his daddy, "Papa Roy" would say just find Jack Daniels for he can help. Anyone know where I can find him?

Have you ever tried to sleep in those chair bed things? You pull out the bottom, raise it up and try to sleep. Now I am short, but you would have to be way short to fit on this thing. I placed another chair at the foot of that thing for my feet but heaven's help me if I got much sleep. Hard is an understatement for that chair. Next time I am going to take me one of those "blow up" bed and inflate that sucker every night for when you are taking care of a man who is not feeling well, you need your rest!

Hospitals really need to give us a better method for sleeping. If Roy wasn't so big I would have told him like our son used to tell us, "Boove over" and gotten in the bed with him. Of course the nurse would have made me get out for she would have thought we were having too much fun, but remember, he was out in LaLa Land. Kinda hard to hanky panky when he's like that.

Now the best part were the doctor's visits for he has the best looking doctor at South Georgia. He is young, cute, slow talking and a country boy. What more could you want? He is also a very caring young doctor and is a good doctor and the looks just help out the situation.

It was an experience which I guess we will have to repeat in a couple of years for the other knee doesn't want to be left out and is demanding it's own new, shiny replacement. Sure hope the same staff is there for they were great. You know you are going to get the good, the don't care, and who cares a rip? kind of staff, but thankfully ours were the good, the kind and we care a lot.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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Jeanne said...

First, welcome home!! Glad Daddy Robson is on the road to recovery:)

I do need to ask you something, Momma Robson.. Why did I get the move "Misery' in my head when you told the nurse to bring a hammer???? (just kidding)

Next thing we know, you'll blog about Daddy Robson taking you out dancin':)

Your Fav Adopted Daughter