Sunday's Thoughts

Good evening, ya'll. So glad you stopped by to visit my Internet front porch. I wish you could come and sit with me on my front porch for the weather is great. I bought a Boston fern to sit on the table in the center of the porch and it looks real pretty. Want to get several more, for I plan to sit out there a lot this summer. I have longed for a front porch and now I have one!

A front porch brings back many good memories for me. Now we didn't have one on the house we grew up in, but a stoop and front steps worked fine. It was used to sit on and talk, wait on daddy to come home from work and as home base when we played softball. We could also keep an eye on the traffic as it went by and see who was going where and wonder why.

We had friends who had front porches and had many great hours visiting with them as we sat in the rocking chairs and swing. Neenie and Gandy Stuart, our adopted grandparents had a porch across the front and it wrapped around one side. Now that was awesome! We could swing, rock, and talk up a storm. If you couldn't get a cool breeze on the front, you moved to the side. Neenie always had some cold lemonade or cool water from the well for us, and of course iced tea was a standard and much enjoyed. Many of the world 's problems and local problems were discussed and solved on that porch and much laughter and love. That swing was also a good place to swing yourself to sleep.

Now since today is a holiday, Easter, we would have probably visited with the Newells down in Coy. Sitting on their front porch was always cool and quite jolly. Mr. Mack would either saddle up the horse and take us riding or crank up the tractor for us to ride on or sometimes sit in his lap and drive! We would play in the back yard, down under the big trees and get all wet and muddy around the overflowing well.

If you don't know what an overflowing well might be, it is a well that never stops running. The official name is an Artesian well. You can stick a pipe down in the stream somehow and the water continually flows out all cool and fresh. We would begin by getting drink of cold water and then stick our feet in it and then of course, Arvin would splash one of us, we would splash back and I would begin crying for mama to make him stop. He really enjoyed making me holler mama but didn't think it was too funny if daddy appeared, not mama. Daddy was not quite so understanding of his pranks. He was just having fun, he would say, but I didn't think getting my clothes all wet was too much fun and Sam would just walk away in disgust or join in the fun against big sister. Being the only girl, the oldest and the boss was a tough job sometimes.

The best part of our visit with the Newells was when "Miss Tess" would take us over to the store. They had a great big farm and she had a little one room store with items needed by the tenant farmers who lived on the place. It had only one window and one door, the best I remember so it was dim and cool. There was a light hanging by the electrical cord in the center of the room and she would reach up, pull the string and lo and behold, there wasn't much light. It was enough for us to fill up the little brown sack she gave us with candy and chewing gum and then get a cold coke out of the coke case. This was a real treat for us, for mama didn't buy many soft drinks. We would pick and choose and take forever to fill up those little bags, but "Miss Tess" never minded. She enjoyed it as much as we did. She was a jolly soul and could cook up a storm. Her cooking would be delicous and she always had cakes and pies. Catch the plural here for it was always more than 1.

By then, we were dirty and tired, but it would be time to go home, bathe and get ready to go back to church for BTU - Baptist Training Union, and worship service. Remember, if the doors opened we were there unless dead or dying. I remember going to sleep on the way home for it was about 10 miles down to Coy but mama would wake us up and we knew there was not an excuse good enough not to go to church. That was alright though, for we could go back to sleep at worship.

I hope you have as many good memories about front porches as I do and drop by and sit with me. I don't have room for a swing, but the chairs are real comfortable and I can always rustle up some ice tea or cold cokes. Water from our deep well tastes pretty good to and we can sit, drink and watch the cars go by.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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