Wednesday's Memories

Good morning ya'll. Come on in for a cup of coffee. I am about to make a fresh pot, for on a chilly, rainy morning that is exactly what you need - something warm and a caffeine hype for energy. Now I make it strong, so beware. I just can't stand coffee so weak you can see the minnows swimming in the bottom. I am making COFFEE not tea so come on over for a cup.

I'm sorry I don't have any pound cake or teacake cookies to go with it, but Roy and I are on a "don't see food diet." This is the diet where you shut your eyes or shield them from food so you won't want to eat it, especially sweets. Not working too well, for I keep bumping into things and that hurts. I am trying not to be so fluffy and reduce my love handles to a smaller size. When they start to droop over the waist of the jeans, you have to reduce them a little. I want love handles, not love blobs of fat.

You know, it's amazing how the world has changed it's ideas about beauty in the last 60+ years. As I was growing up, being a little plump was not a bad thing and men thought you were still pretty. My daddy used to say that just gave him more to love and mama had plenty to love. She said she could look at food and the fat jumped out of it and attached itself to her hips. She was a great cook also and daddy just had to have something sweet at each meal only he didn't gain a pound. He could eat like a horse and never gain a pound. Mama could smell it and put on five.

Now I'm not sure how it happened, but as I grew older, my slim genes from daddy morphed into the fat genes from mama. How could that be? I thought you died with the same genes you were born with. My great grandmother, who I was named after, weighed 95 pounds with a sack of seed corn in her hand. She could cook and eat anything and never gain a pound. My grandmother Fanny Cox was a little bit of dynamite and little being the key word. Where are her genes when I need them?

Now our Grand mother Ella May, mama's mother inherited her daddy's genes. Great grandaddy Cox was a short, plump, red-head, with a great big laugh. He also stuttered badly, but could sing without a single stutter. He had a beautiful Irish tenor voice and could sing up a storm. I have some of his shaped notes hymnals and they have been well used. I guess his genes migrated to me as I got older, thanks, granddaddy George. Why couldn't it have been your ability to sing those high notes, for all I got were low alto?

Now back to my hometown. Down there were any number of Southern ladies who were pleasingly plump and they had husbands or "friends" who thought they were beautiful. However, in the South, we Southern Belles always make the best of what we have, whether we are slim or fluffy. We know how to enhance the beauty the good Lord gave us and use it to make the world admire us.

The first thing we always do, is wash our faces, put on the creams, apply the makeup, and brush our hair until it shines. Why when I was growing up, mama would brush my hair a hundred times to make it shine. There were some ladies we knew, who would go to the beauty parlor every day to get their hair combed!

Then you put on your clothes for the day, and even if you are going to stay to
the house, they were clean and mama always put on an apron. You need to look good for your man, and if you don't have one of your own, you need to look good for all the men. You see, we most all learn how to flirt a little with men, but you also know where the boundaries are. You don't want the other women to call you "loose." It's just a little smile, a tilt of the head, sparkle in the eyes, and you look them right in the eyes like they are the only person on earth. This will get 'em every time. They will sparkle right back and turn on that shy grin that their daddy's taught them to try to out fox us. No way.

Here in the South, we call it wrapping them around our little finger and if you watch a little girl baby, they are born with it. What man can resist that little dimpled smile, sparkling eyes and the little gurgle which says, "Come on daddy, you know I am the most precious little ole thing on earth and you will give my whatever my heart desires." Watch them sometimes, it's in our genes and we don't forget them, we just learn how to use them for both our advantages.

Now don't get me wrong, we are not "loose women", we just know how to make a man feel important and they enjoy it. Why else do men come to the South to find a wife but most of us down here want a Southern Gentleman. You see these boys are raised by Southern mamas and they know how to treat a lady in a fine way. They appreciate their women folk and show it! They still open doors for us, tell us how pretty we are and....... (just use your imagination). It is a rule for most Southern ladies and men, what goes on in private, stays in private.

This idea that ''fluffy women" are not pretty or desirable must be due to TV and magazine adds. Those ladies look like they never had a decent meal in their lives. They sure haven't had any grits, cornbread, light fluffy biscuits, pound cake, sweet iced tea, butterbeans or peas. I bet they don't eat fig preserves, whipped cream or fried chicken with rice and gravy. Think what they are missing without the mashed potatoes, gravy and chicken fried steak with homemade ice cream for sweetening after all that.

Now you can be skinny and hungry or you can be fluffy and enjoy eating but either way, just remember, wrinkles jump on all of us, gravity takes hold and pulls it down and little padding makes it look a little better. Have you not noticed that women who are a little fluffy look a lot younger than the skinny ones?

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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