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Sweet and Juicy Brooks County Georgia Peaches

Ya'll come on in and let me tell you about our trek to the Morven , GA, Peach Festival this past Saturday. Morven is a little, bitty town just South of Adel and just a little north of Quitman, GA. It is surrounded by peach orchards, peanut fields, cotton fields and vegetables too many to name. It is wonderful, farming country and the festival showcases their most famous crop, peaches.
We weren't able to stay as long as I would have liked, but the good Lord dumped a bucketful of rain and as it began to sprinkle, we ran for the truck. I did get pictures of some of the unusual arts and crafts to share with you. There are always a lot of ordinary crafts, but I like the creative and artistic ones.

Of course you meet some interesting people and one of these I took with me, my sweet husband. The lady is from our church, "Miss Mary" and she is waiting on her driver to take her home, you know "Driving Miss Mary."

This gentleman was admiring some birdhouses

The food was plentiful and you always have to have sweet tea and lemonade. Remember, this is the South and we have to cool off somehow and this is the best.

Standard festival fare - including the alligator ka-bobs. You notice there are all food groups with the exception of beef. There was chicken, corn dogs (vegetables, meat and bread), and seafood. Hamburgers had been segregated to another booth.

One of my favorite vendors was this lady and her husband. They had used wood and wisteria vines with other materials, mostly natural, to make some lovely birdhouses, benches, and many other items. They are Ray and Gail Harris from Fairburn, GA and make Appalachian Style Mountain Birdhouses and planters. Their email is

This is Gail standing behind one their creations, surrounded by others

The following pictures display their artistic abilities and the birdhouse at the bottom of this posting is one of theirs.

The birdhouse to the left is Noah's Ark

This gentleman owns and runs a sawmill and does does woodworking as a hobby. The birdhouse in the top picture were made by him.

This is Mr. Jim Redmond from Panama City, Fl. He and his group had made hundreds of wind chimes from silverware, kettles, kitchen gadgets, shells, bottle, and you name it. Their display was most musical.

Tea kettle, silverware and kitchen gadgets.

Golden tea server and golden silverware and beads.

This is one of my favorites, a fish bottle, beads and shells.

This is a potter and painter, Ms. Joyce London from Cornelia, GA. She does some pottery on a wheel but also does sculpting in clay as you can see by her birds. She also paints, but did not bring any to this show. A most talented lady.

The one just above shows her talents with birds and trees.

Her oval bowls are made with 2 processes to achieve the oval shape.

This is Roy with Mr. Bill Bullard from Morven, GA. He reclaims wood from houses, barns, mills, etc. He makes flooring, paneling, and furniture. All his wood is old and he reclaims it and makes it beautiful again.

Of course, Roy loves old wood also and enjoyed talking with him.

On the right is a sample of the different types of wood he has available.

His business is Savannah Heart Pine and Antique Flooring and he can be contacted at

This is a beautiful bed he made from reclaimed wood. It is stunning.

These were the most unusual and whimsical bird houses I have seen. They are from the shop of Michael Wills Woodworking in Valdosta, GA. He also makes furniture but these caught my eyes. He can be contacted at

These walking sticks and hiking staffs are the work of Mr. Fomby Hardin from Valdosta, GA.

There are no two alike and he uses found wood. This is wood that is left in the woods are falls off trees. He can be contacted at

Mr. Hardin said he began this hobby at the suggestion of his wife. This keeps him from having to wash dishes. Men's shops are great escapes.

Georgia Peaches and Birdhouse
I hope you will take the opportunity to visit some local festivals this summer, for they are a lot of fun and you get to eat some good food and meet some great people.
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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