Sunday's Thoughts

Good Mother's day to all ya'll mamas and hi ya'll to all my Net friends. Come on in for a fresh cup of coffee and if you don't drink coffee or sweet iced tea, you won't know what ya'll is. So to put it another way, you all come on in the house for some coffee or tea.

I pray all you mamas have a very blessed day with or without your children. I found out a long time ago that even if they are not with you in body, they are in their hearts and I had rather have that any day than the just the warm bodies. After all, they are grown, have their own lives, friends and families and they need to be with them. I know they love me and it means I don't have to cook a big dinner :). Just kidding, I would be glad to you know, for that is what the crock pot is for or Micky D.

Now if you are planning to eat out with your mamas today, you might want to get to the eating place way early. It seems that everyone wants to take mama out to eat today and the restaurants are not just a tad busy but a lot busy. Why not everybody bring a covered dish and have dinner at the house? Then you can kick off the shoes, put on comfortable clothes, have good fellowship and take a nap immediately after lunch.

This mama had much rather do that but after all I am Baptist and we know how to bring or carry a covered dish for meals. We get great training in how to make good casseroles and other good food to carry in "covered dishes." Eating together is one of the arts we have mastered well and we like to do it. This gives us an opportunity to show off what good cooks WE know we are.

Today is a happy sad day for our family for we had a stupendous mother. She was everything anyone would ever want in a mother. She loved her family immediately after God and daddy and showed us every day how much she loved us. She was smart, thrifty, gracious, full of laughter, a great cook, and most of all loving. There aren't enough words to describe her wonderful personality and most everyone who met her liked/loved her. She is now in her eternal home with our brother and the other members of our family who are living with the Lord. I just know they are singing and worshiping the Lord they love so much.

I also had another mama that I gained when I married my wonderful husband. She was a petite, smart, gracious, sweet, loving mom to me and was my mother-in-love for she never introduced me as her daughter in law, but this is my other daughter. Now this would confuse people who knew her daughter, but that was her sweet way to say she loved me beyond just being married to her son. She was a wonderful, Southern lady in every sense of the word. She and Papa have joined that heavenly group and even Papa can sing God's praises now.

God blessed me with 2 good mamas and I thank Him for that and hope that the two of them raised a pretty good mama for my sweet children. Thank you my mamas for loving me and raising me to love God and family.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach


Ben Smith said...

Great post

Jeanne said...

Rest assured, both of your rotten girls (1 adopted) love you BUNCHES!!

Happy Mother's Day Momma Robson:)

Your FAV adopted daughter