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Good evening to my 'Net friends. Ya'll come on in and sit a spell and have some iced tea. It is hot and muggy outside so the air conditioner feels good. It is supposed to rain again today which will make about the 40th day - anyone know how to build an ark? Anybody know Noah?

I know that tomorrow is Memorial Day and will be the first summer holiday for many of you. If you are celebrating away from home, have a great time and be safe. Gas went back up again, so some may be staying home and that will be us. Maybe we will use that grill we bought last fall and never cooked a thing on it. It is still just like new. We are saving it for a "rainy day" and that is here.

Our grandmother used to save all new gifts for a "rainy day." Needless to say when she died, there was a closet full of sheets, pillowcases, towels, and clothes which had never been used. Some of them were still in the wrappings and yellowed from the years. What a waste. The lesson here - when someone gives you a gift use it, for the "rainy day" may never come.

Because tomorrow is Memorial Day, I would like to honor the members of the military in our immediate family.
  • Roy Robson - Papa Roy - This is my sweet husband's father who went to be with the Lord almost 2 years ago. Papa was in the Seabees during WWII and served mostly in New Guinea. Most of his company was killed and only a small group came home. He missed the 1st 2 years of his son's life but thankfully he came home. His experiences were painful and he didn't talk about them a lot which is the experience of many our service men and women.

  • Arvin Polk - Our middle brother - Arvin served in the Air Force during the Viet Nam war and was stationed in Thailand. His years there made a life-long impact on him and he didn't discuss it a whole lot. We do know he was bitten by a bat in a temple and had to have a series of shots in case of rabies. He often laughed about the little nurse who seemed to enjoy shooting him in the stomach. Arvin is with our family in heaven and we miss him.
  • Sam Polk - The baby of our family - Sam served in the Air Force also and was stationed in Arizona. His oldest son was born there and I remember mama going to help and talking about how beautiful it was out there. Sam worked with the missile program, I think and he also enjoyed living in Arizona. This led him to go back to University of Southern Mississippi and earn a degree in engineering.
  • Jason Polk - Jason is the son of Sam and Cindy Polk and is stationed in Iraq for the 3rd tour. He is a captain in the Army and has been involved in the Iraq war since the beginning. I am suspecting he has had enough sand storms to last him forever. Jason, we are proud of you and your service to our country and we pray for your safety daily.
  • Sean Polk - Son of Sam and Cindy Polk - Sean did a tour of duty with the Texas National Guard. Thank you Sean for being willing to give of your time for our country.
  • Roy Robson, Jr. (Robby) - Robby is our son and served in Army Reserves for 5 years. He joined when he was 18 and I remember the day he came home from basic and when he got off the plane, I didn't recognize him. The buzz cut haircut sure made a difference.
  • Brooke Robson - Brooke is the daughter of Robby and Delaine and our granddaughter. Brooke is in the Army and stationed in El Paso and works with a medical unit. She has also served in Iraq and seen and experienced more than she should at such an early age. I am sure her life will be different due to this experience and we appreciate what she did and what she does. We love you Brooke!
  • Jimmy Robson - Lt. James Robson - Son of Robby and Delaine and our grandson. Jimmy is a college student at University of Georgia and a member of the Georgia National Guard. He graduated from Marion Military Institute and earned his Lt. commission. We are proud of him and know he stands ready to serve his country in any capacity in which he is needed.

I am so proud of our family members and their services to our country. There are others in our extended family and we say "Thank you" to them also. You are special people and we honor you and hold some of you in our memories until we join you in heaven.

God bless you and God bless America. Take a few minutes to say thank you to a veteran or service man or woman tomorrow.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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Sam said...

Sean also did a tour with the Tx. National Guard. He went to basic training as a tank driver at Ft. Knox and served in a armored scout unit in East Texas.