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Good morning. Come on in for a cup of coffee and a fresh, hot banana muffin or slice of banana bread. I found an easy recipe using a cake mix and we'll see how good it is. If it is good enough, I will put the recipe on here for you to make. I really like cake mix recipes for after all I am the "Queen of Mixes." I just add a little of this and that and make it taste like I started from scratch.

Wow, we are in the middle of graduation season. Down here they are trying not to get wet if having it outside or trying to get graduates, family, friends and those looking for something to do in a gym. Now having worked in a high school for many years, no matter what you do some people will not be happy. That's life, get over it.

Would you believe that graduation is no longer a dignified and stately affair? The clothing issue is a huge problem for graduates and families. Most high schools have to send letters of instructions home for graduates and families on how to dress and act at graduation. You also have to inspect the graduates before they put on their cap and gowns to see if they followed the instructions. Some do and some don't. It's a shame you can't inspect the families.

They think you are torturing them by asking the girls to wear light colored dresses, white or black shoes, and that the hair be arranged so that the cap will actually fit on the head. Boys have to wear dark pants, white shirts and dark ties, dark, dress shoes, and hair must allow the cap to fit on the head. Is this torture? You would think they had been threatened with "water boarding."

We have had them arrive in cap and gown red, high-top tennis shoes, cut offs, and t-shirt. Needless to say there was a fuss when they were asked to dress properly or not march and you always here that we are hindering them from expressing themselves and infringing on their rights. What rights? The school has the diploma, do you want it or not?

We also have those who show up with hair that there is no way the "mortar board" is going to sit on the head. If you order a cap to fit your head and blow your hair up to 3 feet high and 3 feet wide, the cap is not going to fit. That is in addition to the red, green, blue and glowing yellow color and the can of mousse it has been lacquered with. Sorry, the cap has to sit on the head, not be carried in the hand just to be tossed at the close of the ceremony.

THEN, there is the family. Lord have mercy, if some don't show up looking like they are ready for the beach at Panama City, The Redneck Olympics, or the Hood. As they file in, talking loudly, hollering across the field or gym, you wonder if they got the message that this is a graduation not a hog calling contest. They holler, hoot, and blow those cotton-picking air horns.

There are also The Ladies who show up in their street-walking best. It can't get any shorter or lower unless you just want to come "nekkid." They stroll in slowly so everyone can get a good look at their "abundance" or lack of and loudly shout for the family to come on in so we can see Junior or Princess get their diploma. This is a huge deal for some families for Junior or Princess my be 19 going on 30 and made it out by the skin of their teeth. These are students the teachers give a standing ovation for they are so glad to see them go. Tears of joy are shed and they party afterwards.

The men don't help matters a lot for some of them will not pull off their caps unless they get threatened with eviction. They don't even pull it off for the Star Spangled Banner, invocation, or anything else. Where were these men raised, in a barn? I sometimes think the caps are super-glued to their heads and their hair will fall out if they remove them. Maybe they don't want us to see the bald spots they have due to wearing caps 24/7. I wonder if they pull them off when they go to bed.

At Lowndes High, we have a large, burly, deep-voiced, football coach who gives a speech of instructions before the graduates march in. In a stern, no-nonsense, tone he tells those in attendance there will be no coming and going, hats are to be removed and please do not clap, holler, scream and blow air horns after each graduate receives their diploma. He also asks if the entire family, friends and acquaintances will not exit loudly as soon as their precious child receives a diploma.

Now this is followed for the honor students to receive their diplomas for their families were usually raised by mamas who taught manners. Then the fun begins and no matter what has been said the families and others begin to praise the Lord, the teachers, and anyone else for Junior or Princess receiving that diploma. They thought they would never see this day and they want everybody to know they have a high school graduate.

Granted some of these lovely people still can't read, think, balance their checkbooks, or find a job, but you can only keep them in high school until they are 19. After all there is a limit to how many weight lifting, PE and shop classes you can take in 6 years. There comes a time, before Social Security kicks in that you have to leave the warm, fuzzy school which has been you security blanket for most of your lives. Sorry, but the world awaits you, go get it!

I have seen graduation ceremonies halted by the principal until some family members were escorted out by security for their outlandish behavior. Of course this made them mad as wet hens and threats to sue were making the air blue as they were removed. This kinda puts a damper on things for a while but it usually cranks up again and the school just tries to make to the last graduate.

Thank goodness there are many parents and friends who were raised by good mamas and daddies who taught them how to behave in public. There is great rejoicing in a mannerly way without hooping, hollering and air horns.

Congratulations to all you who have reached this beginning of the rest of your lives. May you live to honor God, your family and yourself.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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