Wednesday's Tale


Hi, my name is Noah and I am so tired. You see, me and my mama have ridden all day and all night from El Paso to Adel, GA to see MawMaw and Papa. Can you imagine how glad I am to get out of that car seat? You try riding in that thing for hours and hours and hours. Bless mama's heart, I know she got tired of my singing, talking and pushing the buttons on my toy which makes really loud sounds but a baby boy has to do something to keep from going to sleep.

We finally made it after that GPS thing made us go the wrong way. Mama said some words she has told me not to say but I can't blame her for she was TIRED. Aunt B was waiting on us and she was sooo glad to see me and mama but specially me.

This is my cousin, Precious. She goes everywhere "B" goes and she likes to come see MawMaw and Papa too. She has a special car seat too and it looks a lot more comfortable than mine. Spose she would give it to me?

I had to explore the house for it has been a while since I was there. Of course the cabinets hold lots of treasures, but they kept saying, "No, Noah," every time I opened one of those doors. Wonder what their problem is? MawMaw finally gave me some wooden spoons and a pot to bang on. I still wanted some of those other treasures.

Of course I had to help MawMaw write her blog for she really needed my help. Of course that cat helps her, but I knew she needed my expert advice.

I had a big surprise! My Papa Roy had made me a chest for my toys and other stuff. He said he had a really good time making if for me and I sure am glad.

See, it is even big enough to hold me, though MawMaw said I shouldn't get in it for the top might close. Papa took care of that though for he fixed it so it won't close all the way and mash my fingers. He's a good Papa.

I tried to text Bo, but I guess he was at work for he didn't text back. I am the fastest texter in west Texas.

I didn't give up though for he finally talked to me. It sure was good to hear his voice for I miss him.

MawMaw and Papa had bought me a swimming pool and I tried to swim, but it just wasn't deep enough. Looks like they could have gotten a big one.

Oh well, I can get cool and boy is it hot!

After swimming for a while, I thought it would be
nice to read a book. Now you know my MawMaw, she always has books around. She and my mama read a lot so I am beginning to get the habit.

I think I will read this Green Eggs and Ham book. It makes me laugh to see that funny Sam I am.

Here I go, finally got the pages open.

We went to Barney to see the peaches. That's not the purple Barney, but a little, bitty place with lots of good peaches.

MawMaw sat me right in the middle of a bunch of peaches and I thought they were a fuzzy ball.

She said to be gentle like when I pet my dog for this was a peach and not a ball. They sure smelled good and tasted good too.

Would you believe they had a train at the peach shed?
I told mama I thought I could drive that thing, but she wouldn't let me. Mama's are like that you know?

MawMaw told me the same thing. See that mouth, she was saying , "No, Noah." They seem to say that a lot. Wonder why.

They did finally turn me loose to climb on the seats of the cars you ride in.
This is me and Papa resting after we got home. He has a nice soft tummy to sit on.

We had to say good bye on Tuesday, but I had a good time.

I gave it a thumbs up and I hope I can go back soon.

Nuff said,

The Georgia MawMaw

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Becky said...

It looks like Peanut had a great time at his great grandparents house. I sure did enjoy him and kissing on him. I missed them the second I pulled out of the driveway.