Thursday's Thoughts

Well, ya'll don't come in today for I had to visit Dr. Frankenstein and LaLa Land again. He said, "See you in about 30 minutes" with a smile and I woke up later with 2 missing teeth, a cut in my gum, and stitches everywhere in my mouth. Now what he did I asked for, but some of ya'll need to take me to the head Doctor and have mine examined. There is something wrong in there for me to keep going back for this torture.

Now my head hurts, my jaw hurts, my mouth hurts, heck, everything from neck up hurts. Thank goodness for pain meds which make me feel like I am moving in sloooow motion but the pain is gone. La, la, la, la and away I go.

All of this torture is a prelude for some permanent implant thingies. they are supposed to last forever and make my smile beautiful. This will be interesting for if they last forever, that may not be too long since I am older than dirt and my smile never was beautiful so only a miracle will work for that. Now Dr. Frankenstein is a lovely man and but I don't think his last name is Miracle. Oh well, at least I will be able to chew food that is not soft, liquid or mashed up again. Chewing steak with a few teeth is not good. The chunks going down can be a little rough on the esophagus.

So when you see me in about 2 weeks, check out my everlasting teeth and the beautiful smile.

I did find 2 great blogs today that I have put in my "Blogs I Follow." If you like to cook, check these out. is the first one I want to share and is the other one. There are some good recipes in both of these and how these cooks stay so skinny is beyond me. I am officially back on my Weight Watcher diet and writing down everything you eat is certainly a deterrent to eating it.

Well, the med is taking effect and I am feeling slow and groovy so .........

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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