Quick & Easy Breakfast

Good evening, ya'll. I hope you are inside with a big glass of iced tea and the AC is running for it is hot as blue blazes outside. The rain has increased the humidity to about 100% and if you are not Southern Born and Bred you may be a tad uncomfortable. Even though I am all the aforementioned, I am hibernating this afternoon.

I had to go to town this morning, which I dislike but necessity won over my druthers. If you are blessed enough to live in or have ever visited a small Southern town you know there is no way to hurry to town and hurry back. You know to set aside a goodly amount of time to do your shopping and most of that time is not spent spending money. You have to "visit" with everybody you meet.

Take for instance today. My first stop was a Dollar General where I bought several needed items but had a hilarious conversation with the cashier and the gentleman standing behind me. I found out that she had 4 brothers and 3 sisters and her brothers used to ask her to beat up girls for them. Our Southern mamas and daddies instill in us not to hit girls if you are a boy but you can defend yourself against boys. Even if the girl is a royal brat and beating you up, you cannot strike them.

That's where this lady came into the picture. She beat up the girls who were bothering her brothers. In fact, she was so good they began to ask her to beat up the boys for them until her daddy told them to man up and do their own beating. She looked right lady-like to me but I can guarantee you I will not anger this lady or her brothers! The man behind me and I were almost rolling in the floor as this lady spun her tale.

The next stop was the grocery store and I made pretty good time there except there was this little, old lady who insisted on helping me decide what fresh produce I wanted to buy. It seems she is an expert in this area and had all the answers for me on size, color and smell of the best fruits and vegetables. I soon found out as I hurried up and down the aisles she needed to assist many other customers in choosing their items also, even non-fruit and veggies. The store must have hired her as a secret shopper assistant and didn't want us to know about it. Anyway, this helpful little old lady made my stay a little longer than I anticipated.

Finally, there was the new, assistant manager who introduced himself as he toted my groceries to the car and we began a religious conversation. He is Baptist and I am too so I told him all about our wonderful church so they could visit when they moved. This is always a privilege and expected if you live in the South. When you meet a new resident in your town and learn their name, you ask where are they moving from, do they know your friends who live there or relatives, how many children do they have, who is their mama and grandmother and the next question is, "Where do you go to church?" This is all necessary information on a new friend. Welcome to the South - not that we are nosey, just friendly. If you don't like it, you need to stay up North where they don't give a rip.

So going town in the South is not a hurry and get there and hurry back. It is time to visit with friends, relatives and perfect strangers if you can't find someone you know. That's alright though for I love it. You see I can talk to anyone anytime and enjoy most every minute. The only ones I don't care for are those who feel it is their duty to give you an "organ recital" when you ask, "How are you." I'm just being polite and don't really want to know how all your bodily functions are behaving. That is your business, not mine.

On a totally differnt track, I thought I would share my breakfast idea with ya'll for it is quick, easy, almost fat free and cheap, or if that offends - inexpensive.

Quick Breakfast
1 serving - make as many as you need
1 slice whole wheat bread - Toasted (Bread of preference)
2 slices sandwich meat - heated - I used the toaster oven
(I used roasted turkey breast but you can use any sandwich meat you like or have)
1 or 3 fried eggs - fry in pan sprayed with cooking spray
Toast the bread, top with 2 slices of hot sandwich meat, and egg(s).
Serve with sliced fruit. I used peaches today but cantaloupe, orange slices, grapefruit, or whatever fruit is in season can be used.
Add a glass of milk and breakfast is served. For a breakfast sandwich, toast 2 slices of bread and make a sandwich.
Hope you enjoy the breakfast and I had fun talking to ya'll today.
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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