Over the River and Through the Woods to Home

Good morning from Eufaula, AL on a cold, crisp fall morning. I am watching the sun sparkle off the blue waters of Lake Eufaula and drinking my first cup of coffee. The coffee is good and the scenery is spectacular. We are leaving this piece of Alabama heaven to go back to South Georgia this morning and will be glad to sleep in MY bed tonight but sad to leave this lovely spot.

Yesterday we visited Westville, a village from the 1850's, recreated using actual buildings from that era. They moved buildings which were falling into decay or going to be destroyed and rebuilt them in the park. There are homes, cotton gin, schools, church, barns, tools, wagons, household furnishings and most anything you could think of. It is set in a hilly section outside the little town of Lumpkin, GA and is visited by lots of school groups and individuals. I will post some pictures next week and show you some of the displays. They were not demonstrating the different skills of that era yesterday due to the holidays.

I took some good pictures of Eufaula on Thursday and will be posting them next week also. We strolled through the downtown and saw the old buildings, the gazebo decorated for Christmas, the fountain and lots of pretty doors, grill work and architectural features. It is a pretty town and if you like antiques, this is the town to visit.

Now you know that I like thrift shops and we found a huge one on the main street. It is two large stores combined into 1 with rented stalls all over the place. There is everything from antiques to junk and it takes hours to see, touch, and smell all of it. The homemade items are numerous and lots of Christmas decorations and gifts. I found a stall with a table full of cloth and went wild buying some lovely plaids to make afghans or shawls and others to make some skirts for me. It was expensive cloth in lengths of 2-4 yards and I finally just had to walk away. I found several baskets to use for storage and a toy for our Noah. Some I can't talk about for they are Christmas presents but if you live close to Eufaula you would love to wander around this store. It is called The Shady Oaks Thrift Shop and it has everything.

We also bought 2 secretaries we are going to refinish and put in our home office with a table between. I will post pictures of the project as we work on them. It will give us a better workplace and be prettier than the desk we have now. Looking forward to working on it but have to wait until Roy gets back up here with the truck for we came in the car. Now I know to always travel in the truck for you never know what treasures you will find.

I am looking forward to getting back home today and sleep in our bed. This is how you know you are getting old when no bed is as good as yours. These old bones need my valley and bumps it created in our mattress. Bumper, our cat, will be glad to be let our of jail also and maybe we can meet Ray or Angie at the vet's and not have to wait until Monday. I hope we had some rain at home for I am anxious for our pond to fill up so we can stock it with some fish.

Well, Roy is packing up and that means if I don't stop this and dress, he will be standing at the door with all the luggage giving me That Look. You know the look that means, I am ready and what is wrong with you? look. When he gets ready everybody is supposed to be ready so I best get on my jeans and pack up the computer.

Talk to ya'll later and will post my pictures next week.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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