Theater In The Round

Good evening, ya'll. Come on in for a cup of coffee and a little conversation. I am a little tired for we went to Valdosta this morning for me to get a haircut and of course we had to go to Sams and stock up for the next few weeks. This is also my theater in the round and is most entertaining.

We always get a hot pretzel and soft drink and sit, eat, and watch the show (doesn't take much to entertain us). It amazes me how some people behave in public and how some women dress or undress to impress others. You know men dress to just have something to cover their naked bodies and women dress to impress other women.
Some of them have the mistaken idea that they are dressing to impress the men but women let me clue you in. Men could care less what you have on and probably won't even notice unless you are naked or have more than is decent hanging out or under. You can wear the the most beautiful, designer outfit or the one most in fashion, hang all your jewelry on yourself, tastefully apply your makeup, and style your hair in the latest fashion and the majority of the men will not notice what you have on. If they do, watch out for they looking to copy your look!!!

You see men notice only 3 things - legs, boobs and behinds. They look to see how slim, how big and how bouncy or tight each part is on you. Other than that is just icing on the cake that women will notice but most men will not even see. They are a strange species and how a women looks is much less important than what she has. If I want Roy to notice me,even at this advanced age, the only way is to walk out "nekkid." That will get his attention every time where the new outfit doesn't even get a glance.

Now you may ask how do I know this? I have been married to the same, handsome, hunk for 47 years tomorrow! By now I pretty well know what he thinks about most things in life. For instance I know he likes boobs not legs, funny not necessarily pretty, friendly but not gushing, and a women who will take care of him. He is like most other men I know so I consider him a good example of the male species and I know from experience he doesn't notice what I wear or what any other women wears unless it is neon and lit up.

For example, I saw a lady (?) in Sams today who had on a really pretty black outfit with a bright pink top under the jacket. I was admiring her slim figure and the outfit until she turned around and whoa Nelly. The front view was a little different! From the length of the hair and the color I thought early to middle 3o's but no way. Maybe late 40's or either she had been rode hard and put away wet too many times. The face was a little lined and on closer inspection the blond hair had been bleached several times too many and it looked a little like straw.

The most glaring problem was the neckline of the pretty, pink, top. It was loooow and showed way too much bosom and the bosom was slightly wrinkled and sagging south. In other words gravity had set in and wrinkles had attacked and I was getting way too much of a view along with a store full of people. Now I mentioned to Roy that a lady had way too much bosom showing and his first questions were, "Where is she" and "What color is the outfit?" Even when I explained the problems with the view he kept a close watch until she strolled by. Now by this time I had spent about 15 minutes trying not to see because she sat at the table directly in front of me and was facing me. Shall I say I almost saw her belly button and the sad sights being exposed for all to see. Poor baby, she must be almost blind and couldn't see what she really looks like or maybe all the mirrors in her house are broken.

The only men I saw taking a second look were those in the motorized shopping carts or on walkers. I told Roy the other day that I missed the admiring glances I used to receive occasionally from other men for now the only time I got these looks are when I visit the nursing home. Bless their hearts, they can't see or hear too well and I look and sound pretty good to them.

I can tell you one thing for certain, this lady was not raised by a good, Southern mama like mine or either she is in total rebellion against what her mama taught her. Mine taught me to cover up the scenery tastefully, slightly sexy, not over the top to lure the male species in. When they take the bait, set the hook and reel them in. Only then do they get to look and touch the merchandise. Those who flaunt it for all to see are not the ones who get invited to meet the Southern gentleman's mama for mama would kindly suggest she put some clothes on if she was interested in her little boy.

Now don't think for a minute these boy-men don't appreciate the wares being displayed and they would date these young ladies, but you didn't take them home to mama. They might take them to meet their daddy but they would have to be careful that daddy didn't admire too much. A man is a man until they draw that last breath and if you don't believe it just visit your local nursing home and watch out or you will get propositioned.

That rabbit got chased big time didn't it? After all it is Friday, rainy and I'm bored so I felt like chasing rabbits. Hope you had a good time and come back to see me and have another cup of coffee. Meanwhile we are going to the Catfish House for some good, fried catfish, hushpuppies and slaw. Maybe I'll get some cheese grits too.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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