WCHS 50th Class Reunion

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Good evening, ya'll. Come on in for a glass of tea and let me tell you about our class reunion. We had it this last weekend at Gainsridge, a beautiful, old home which is now a beautiful place to eat. The food was great and the company was the best.

When we got there there was not a soul in sight and as we entered the front door, still no one. We kept on exploring and then I heard a voice I recognized. In a back room there was Martha, Alane and Sadie with great big smiles and warm hugs. These are 3 friends I see occasionally when I am home and it was wonderful to see them again. Those wonderful Southern hellos and hugs are the best in the world.

The evening grew from there and more of our classmates made their entrances and many brought their spouses which was even better. Roy is always glad to go with me for he knows several of my classmates and some of the husbands. He wouldn't let me know it even if he wasn't happy about going for he is a "keeper" and the love of my life.

All of us have made right good-looking senior citizens, old folks or elderly people, take your pick. The hair has turned grey or white, stayed or strayed, wrinkles have appeared, stomachs grew, and all of us had parts that drooped but through the eyes of friendship, we all looked beautiful. It's amazing how this works - a friend always sees the best of us.

The Southern drawl wrapped around us like the honeysuckle that was climbing around the trees - honey sweet and welcoming. Of course there are always the sweet stretching of the truth - "You haven't changed a bit (My your looking just like your mama)", "I would recognize you anywhere (Please let me get close enough to see your name badge)", "You look wonderful (for a senior citizen)", and "What happened to that black hair (Well, it may be white but I still have mine)". I just love those compliments, especially in that slow drawl. That makes everything sound good.

It was amazing how some of them hadn't changed a bit and how some of us are totally new people. Some I knew who they were for they have a strong family resemblance but others I just had to say I don't know who you are please help me. Several told me when I laughed they knew who I was for it tends to be loud and unique like my mama's.

The food was so good and service was great and combined with dining in an old, Southern, Antebellum home it was wonderful. We had fried green tomatoes, great, sweet iced tea, and some of the best beef tips I have ever eaten. "Miss Betty's" staff knows how to cook up some good food.

By the way, I received 2 door prizes - more than I ever received in high school. I got the prize for the most Great-grandchildren and the other for driving the most miles to a Senior Citizens gathering. We have 1 Great-grandchild but the other one is coming ANY day so that gave us the edge. But let me tell you that one of my dear friends has 13 grandchildren and that makes me envious for that would be wonderful. The more the merrier.

It was sad to realize that 14 of our friends had passed away but that is life as we know it now. The memories of these who have gone before are sweet and memorable and though we miss them now, I am glad we knew them "when."

I know you are getting bored with all my rambling so I won't bore you any more but it was fun so come back to see me. I have some really good recipes to share with you. Ya'll be careful going home and the 'Net Porch is always welcoming.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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