Good evening from Arlingon, TX where the weather is hot but we are enjoying visiting our family. There is absolutely nothing better than visiting those you love and we were blessed to be able to celebrate our great neice's birthday. Happy Birthday, sweet Autumn and thanks to your parents, Lauren and Mark for a great party.

Sam and Cindy carried us to our first Scottish Festival yesterday where we made the acquaintance of some of the Gunn Clan of which the Robsons are a Sept and we discovered that some of our family, the Williamsons and the Robins were also members of the Clan Gunn. We saw lots of men wearing kilts and I still don't know what they wear under them but maybe I really don't want to.

We heard some absolutely fantastic Celtic music. One of the artists is from Scotland, Alex Beaton played an accoustice guitar and sings with a smooth, mellow voice that transports you to Old Scotland - Caledonia. The group we heard is Smithfield Faire and they are from LA but have spent a great deal of time in Scotland and learning the music which they do wonderfullly. We enjoyed the music best of all.

The caber toss was most unusual and those are some strong men but why you want to toss a great big old metal ball as far you can is a little strange to me. I will post some pictures of this sport when I get home.

We ate a Scottish egg for the first time and like that. Think I will get a recipe and try to make some. This was all the Scottish food we ate for it was sooooo hot we finally called it quits and came home.

I have left the best for last. We attended church or the Kirking to begin the day. A beautiful young lady began the service with several hymns played on the harp and if there are musical instruments in heaven this is one of them. She played with love and understanding of the music. For the service she was joined by Alex Beaton with the accoustic guitar and we were led in singing by a lady with a marvelous voice.

It was a led by a minister who brought a good sermon to a group comprised of about 8 different denominations ans we all agreed that it was a picture of heaven where the denominations will not be and issue. During the service we had the procession of the clan's tartans led by bagpipes and the blessing of the clans. Under a tent joined in our worship, praising God together was a most enjoyable hour for all of us. God's Spirit was there and we acknowledged it and I know He was pleased.

The day was great, fabulous, wonderful and fun. Thanks to Sam and Cindy for giving us the opportunity.

That's about it for today from the big, state of Texas. Ya'll stay cool and come back to see me.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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