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Good evening and come on in for a visit. I have been quite busy today and I am ready to sit and rest a spell. It reminds me of our Grandmother Mae when she was tired late in the day. She would sit out on the front porch and fan herself with her apron for there was no AC in the "olden days."

When we were visiting our grandparents in Bunker Hill, MS, the front porch was were we gathered after supper to catch a cool breeze and relax. Some of the time our great uncles who lived down the hill would amble up to sit and talk with us. Uncle Hubert wasn't much of a talker but Uncle Hollis could talk your ears off and make you laugh. If Aunt Iletas came with him she would tell him to hush every now and then but she enjoyed his foolishness as much as we did.

We would have the rockers and swing full of people and some sitting on the steps. Of course we children were playing in the yard and getting even more dirty than we already were for there was not much grass there. There was not a lawn mower so our Great grandmother Fanny Cox would keep the grass pulled up and would "sweep" the yard each Saturday with a twig broom. It was a treat for us to help "broom" the yard when we visited. We also enjoyed playing in all that "clean" dirt.

Our grandparents lived on a road which was dirt and gravel for many years and while we were sitting on the porch we would almost choke on the dust when a car went speeding by. The mannerly thing to do was to slow down when you went by a porch full of people so as not to smother them to death. It wasn't a chore for most people for they would slow down just to see who was sitting on the porch so they could stop by and visit a spell. Life was a little slower and sweeter back then.

That porch has lots of wonderful memories for us but grandmother sitting there in here apron fanning her face is one of the sweetest. She always wore a pretty apron which she had made and it would smell clean and like Argo starch. If she had been making tea cakes, it would smell like vanilla and sugar and you would know the cookie jar was full. Sweet memory.

You can tell from my pictures at the top of the page that I have finally gotten off my duff and opened my Etsy Shop to sell my hand crocheted purses. My house was getting full of bags and totes and I have been wanting to do this for awhile but just wouldn't sit down and do it. I tend to be a huge procrastinator or as Scarlett would say, there is always tomorrow. That day came and went many times before I made myself get to it.

Now I have a shop on Etsy, which sells handmade and vintage items, called Yarn & More. At this time I don't have a lot of inventory in but will adding to it most days. These first bags I have crocheted from Plarn - plastic yarn - which I make from clean plastic bags which would be tossed in the trash. I use shopping bags and bags from produce, bread, tissue or any other plastic bag I can cut in strips and intertwine to make yarn. I am recycling, upcycling, being Eco friendly, saving the earth, not leaving my carbon footprint, etc, and etc.

Several years ago, I bought a book for the library where I worked, about making bags and purses from different kinds of materials and this plarn bag was in it. I was intrigued for they looked different and the materials would be free. The book didn't explain how to make the plastic yarn too well so I got on the Internet and found several good sites 'splaining how to do it and off I went.

Since that time I probably have crocheted a hundred or more bags and totes and given lots of them away and I use some. However, the number grew and grew like "Topsy" and I now have boxes and drawers full and so I am going to try to make a little money. I also incorporate yarn in the plastic yarn, heavy twine, ribbon and use buttons and beads for trim. Our daughter said last week that if you don't want mama to grab your plastic bag and begin cutting, you better hide them.

I think they are pretty and are practically indestructible. They stretch to fit the contents and being plastic, they last and last. Of course you best not put them in the dryer or set them on a hot stove for they will melt, but I think most people will have better sense than to do this.

If you would like to see some of them, just click on the Etsy button on the side of my page and there she be. I'm kind of proud of it and will be adding other items I make as time goes on. I also make jewelry, sew, knit and crochet with yarns other than plarn so just watch and see what I am doing. Now if you want to buy that would be great also but just drop by and look.

Well, my train's a tooting, reminding me it is about bed time and I am tired. Ya'll come back to see me.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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