Football is My Game

Good evening and come on in the house. We are watching a movie called Furry Vengeance and are cracking up with laughter. I like animal movies and especially when they get the best of the people. It really is good and if you still have some "child" in you, be sure and see it.

By the way, do you know what happens tomorrow? FOOTBALL season begins. Of course, since I am from Alabama and now live in Georgia, SEC Football is the name of the game. Each Saturday we find an SEC football game and hopefully it will be Univ. of Al, Mississippi State, or Univ. of GA. for these are our favorites. Not that we attended any of them but in the south we have to choose teams.

In Alabama, you have to choose Univ. of AL or Auburn and even though Roy attended Auburn for 1 whole quarter, we don't pull for them. Not sure why I chose Bama except Auburn is called the Cow college and Bama is the Dr. and lawyer school. That is not the total reason but for the life of me I can't remember why I chose to pull for Bama because that was many long years ago. You know the memory is the first to go as we grow older, not that I'm older just aging slightly.

Mississippi State is our school of choice for daddy graduated from there and as we were growing up, Daddy would try to find that game on the radio each Saturday. I can see him now sitting and listening to the ballgame when we could get it. So, we still hope that Mississippi State beats Ole Miss and especially Auburn.

Daddy was a soil conservationist and most of his co-workers were Auburn graduates which made the rivalry between the 2 schools intense. If State beat Auburn, daddy would strut like a peacock and of course if Auburn won, it was a sad day. Most of the time Auburn won so when daddy had the chance he would crow extra loudly. Out would come the maroon and white and he would wear them proudly and just happen to mention the ballgame. We are still proud to call Miss. State one of our teams.

As for UGA, our grandson graduated from there this spring and so we have to claim them as one of our teams. Also, our granddaughter, daughter-in-law, and most of our friends are for UGA and since we live in the midst of UGA country we are proud to claim them as one of our teams. Also, their colors are red and black and Bama is Red and white so it all color coordinates and to a Southern Girl, that is is important. We have to coordinate even when watching football.

Then there are the Golden Eagles of University of Southern MS. Arvin, Sam and me graduated from there. Mine was a graduate degree earned in the summers so the football team was not a part of my school life there but we have a great history with our brother Sam. He played and marched in their band for 4 years and watched the Dixie Darlings closely to see if they did their routines correctly. He also met his wife, Cindy, there and they were married in the chapel on the campus.

Our brother Arvin earned his degree there later and then I attended graduate school there for 2 summers. I guess this makes our family Golden Eagles and even if they are not SEC football, we still pull for them. It gets difficult when they play an SEC team.

Not only do we have SEC or college football, every Friday night in the fall is football night. When I was teaching at Lowndes High in Valdosta, we had season tickets and attended all the home games and a few of the away games. We were and are proud Vikings and even though I don't attend the games now I listen to them on the radio or stay up until 11:00 news to see the score. G0000 Vikings.

Here in Cook County, everyone goes to the ballgame - students, alumni, and all the rest of the town. The football field is the place to be on Friday nights. You will meet your neighbors, get all the gossip, have a date, meet the girls or boys, watch the band, whistle at the cheerleaders and have a good ole time.

Of course you cannot forget the food. You bring your own boiled or parched peanuts, buy your cokes, hot dogs, cotton candy, and other specialties. It depends on the town as to what you will find at the concession stands. There is always popcorn, cokes, hot dogs and cotton candy for these are the staple foods for southern football games. Some will add hamburgers, pizza, corn on the cob, homemade fudge, cupcakes, and other specialties of the school. You can eat enough to add a good five pounds to the hips.

Football reigns in the South on Friday night and Saturday afternoon and night. Everyone has their favorite teams beginning with your hometown high school and going all the way to your favorite college teams. Professional football is not half as good as your local teams for they do it for the money and our boys do it because they love it and they play for their schools. It is about love of school and football and pride in the South.

So, come on down and go to the football game on Friday night or watch your special team on Saturday afternoon on the TV. It is even more special to go to the stadium and participate in a college football game. Special and fun is the name of the game, football game that is.

Ya'll come back to see us and the movie I watched while entering this is really good. Furry Vengeance is the name and you will enjoy it if you are not too old and I don't ever intend to get that old.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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