Applesauce Recipe

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Good evening and come on up to the Net porch and sit a spell. It is feeling a little like fall down here in South Georgia and I like it for we can put the windows up and let the fresh air blow through the house. There is only 1 little problem- fall means winter is not far behind and as ya'll know, I do not like cold weather for at my age the joints begin to ache when they get cold. As would say here in the South, "Arthur Itis" is visiting and he is painful.

We like to eat applesauce as dessert and yesterday I tried and new recipe and it is really good. I thought Roy was going to eat all it and not share but he was sweet and gave me a little bit. It is cooked in the crock pot which makes it easy which is the first criteria for my cooking. I used a recipe from a favorite website, kinda, sorta, but with my twist. If you like it all smooth you won't like it for it is chunky and did not peel them. I hope you enjoy it.

Chunky Crockpot Applesauce

6 – 8 medium apples (Gala, Roma or another baking apple) If you can find home grown apples it is even better
1/2 cup apple juice or other juice. I used cranberry apple and it was really good
1 tbsp. Cinnamon - if you don’t like a lot of cinnamon decrease the amount
1 Tbsp. brown sugar
Freshly grated nutmeg – a light sprinkling


Wash and core apples – can peel but I don’t for the peelings have extra flavor
Chop up into chunky pieces.
Place apples in crock-pot.
In separate bowl, combine juice, cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg.
Pour mixture over apples in crock-pot, and stir gently until apples are evenly coated.
Cover crock-pot, and cook on low for 4 hours, or until soft. Mash slightly but leave chunky.

Let me know how you like it and how you changed it to suit your taste.

Have to go for I am crocheting Noah a new hat, knitting a scarf and on and on. ADD people have to stay busy to stay out of trouble.

Ya'll come back to see me and be careful going home.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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