Good morning, or at least I think it is. I am confused, puzzled, bumfuzzled and in a state of bewilderment. As you can see, my kitchen is in disarray - no stove, no oven and dust everywhere. In fact it looks worse than this for now the cabinet doors and drawers are gone. It is totally a mess, right now.

The good thing is that it is going to get better for Mike and Kathy are making it amazing and I am looking forward to getting it all new and better. BUT, we are going to have to dust everything in the house. It really needed it before we started all this and when Roy offers to help me you know it is bad. Don't worry, he will be getting a dust rag and his help will be most appreciated.

To increase this state of confused mind, I went into Hobby Lobby and Michael's last week and there we were - what month is it? On one side I had Halloween, on the other side there was Thanksgiving, Christmas was dead ahead. What in the name of seasons is going on? I don't know if I should say "Boo, Thank you for our blessings, or Merry Christmas." Don't forget "Happy New Year" for those are out also. Confused? NO, for I feel like I am a land of no time and it is scary as heck. Everywhere I turn there is orange, brown, green, red, gold, silver, yellow, blue and black. Do these people not realize that these colors do not blend well and in fact they clash and create a cacophony of noisy colors.

I am beginning to wonder why have different holidays but just bundle them all together and have about 2 weeks of celebration and then go on with our normal life. It is getting before you finish with 4th of July, you are celebrating Christmas and everything in between. Just think, 1 card, 1 gift, 1 holiday and we are through. Not a bad idea, what do you think?

Then after all this confusion, I went to the hospital to visit a friend who was having surgery and as I sat in the lobby with their family I became more befuddled. Have you every sat in a hospital lobby or waiting room and watch the parade of strange, weird, odd and aliens from outer space walk by. All we needed was some Halloween decorations and we could have had a costume party.

There were skinny, fat, tall, short, dark, pale, and everything in between. Wow, what a show. There were people in scrubs - of all colors, professional white, suits, dresses, capris, jeans, short-shorts, sweat pants, undershorts and shirts and most any type of shoe you would want. Then there were the clean, the dirty, the neat and the unkempt.

The most unusual was the large (fat) tattooed man, with the long, greasy hair, bandanna head band, dirty long beard, too-small sweat pants, and under shirt and flip flops. Our eyes bugged out, mouths dropped open, stopped breathing, and said "Did you see that?" We wished for a camera but I think he would have attacked if we had taken the picture for it was a scary sight that won't leave my mind. The wife was in short-shorts, tank top, dirty hair - well you get the idea. These people were in PUBLIC and walking around like they had good sense. It was plumb scary.

A thought which always come to mind is that is someones children and someone actually birthed them. Poor mom, I don't think she knew what she was inflicting on the world and poor people that they don't realize they need to CLEAN UP for heaven's sake. We have to look at them as they parade around in all their lack of finery. You want to take the fire hose and clean 'em up.

Another confusion for me when I am in the hospital is when I see a former student of mine walk by in medical garb. We almost didn't get them out of school with a diploma and here they are with lives in their hands! I just pray they only tote stuff for other people who know what they are doing. It's a scary thought to think my life could be in some of these hands.

Maybe I need to just stay at the house, lock the door, shut off the TV, play soft music, take a couple of sleeping pills, go to bed, cover up my head, and sleep until January the 2. BUT, then we get Valentines, Easter, St. Patrick's Day and on and on get all mixed up. Ya'll pray for me for I've always been a little confused and it is getting worse. Anyone want to come and lead me through the confusion?

Ya'll have a good day and I'm going to town and do some "sight seeing." If any of this sounds confusing - I am.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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