Finally, A Stove

Good morning, and ya'll come on the house but you may have trouble finding a place to sit for it is a MESS. Our kitchen is scattered throughout the house in boxes, tubs, and sitting on any flat surface and most of it is covered with dust. It is bothering even me and that can be hard to do. We are getting there and progress is being made.

It is being quite an experience and I will share some of the "fun" times later. Lowes has been wonderful with just a few bobbles and some "men" who can be a pain. Thank goodness for women who sell appliances.

Now, I am not bragging but just thankful. Our appliances were from the 50s - almond in color and basic in design. Believe it or not, they all worked! Don't tell me they didn't make good appliances in the "olden days" and I hope our new ones will last as long. Of course if they last that long, it won't be me using them for I really doubt I will last that long.

You can see from the first picture that we went with stainless steel appliances. We had already had to replace our fridge and chose stainless in anticipation of adding others. I like having the microwave over the stove with a vent for I can do all my cooking without moving from that spot.

Wow, microwaves now have metal shelves. Not sure how they do that but will probably not use it for it limits the height of the container on the turntable. I had a fairly new microwave but am looking forward to freeing that space on the counter.

This area is where our fridge used to live. When we bought our new one it fit into this space but we could not open the doors all the way and Mike and Kathy suggested we move it- which we did. This will be a home office area. Mike is going to build me a shelf desk, shelf above for cookbooks and the cabinets up high will hold cookbooks also. We are going to relocate the phone to the area and I will use it as my laptop desk also. Thinking it will be a most useful area.

Wow, a dishwasher that doesn't sound like a semi racing through the house. It is so quiet you can't here it washing the dishes unless you hold your head next to the door. Wonderful!

This is the nook which Mike built to place the fridge. We walled up the door into the office and put door from the dining room into the office. The empty place on the right of the fridge is where the oven used to be and we are going to tile that area and put the crock pot and other small appliances in it. We have it wired for these and it will make a great place to put them and clear counter space. I will be able to knead bread without having to move blender, etc.

We are so excited and looking forward to the completion. Cabinet doors will be here Saturday, counter top on the way and tiler waiting to install back splash. Painting it all and then I can COOK again.

I have never had new appliances and am really looking forward to using them.

Got to go and do some dusting - wonder why don't you?

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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The Beading Gem said...

I can relate to new appliances not working quite as well as older ones. My new dishwasher is definitely not as good as my old one! Pearl