Pistol Packin' Mama

Good morning, ya'll. Come on into the house, but maybe not - not sure you can get in. We are still remodeling our kitchen and the whole house is a mess so maybe we will just sit on the porch. I do have some tea or coke for a "light refreshment" but that's about it for I am still not able to cook so you will have to take a raincheck on some cookies or pound cake. The countertop and sink are on the way as we speak and will be glad to get that done. It is exciting but exhausting.

If you wonder why I have a the pictures at the top, well we are taking a gun safety and how to shoot class. Last night was our first night and it is an unusual class - strange that is. I thought sure we would be the oldest but no way for there was a sweet, little, old lady taking it for the 3rd or 4th time. She came in using her cane, toting her pistol and a notebook for notes and brightened the whole class. She is a hoot as we would say down here in the South. I would advise not going to her home without calling first for she knows how to use that gun and she wear it in holster over her apron.

There were also a few macho men, several ladies in various age ranges, and 2 married couples. It seems that most of us are taking it to learn more about how to shoot, when to shoot and practice shooing. 2 said they were scared to even touch a gun and their husbands made them come and it will be interesting to see if they overcome their fears. I'm in the group of wanting to know more and wanting to practice shooting a revolver. The 410 shotgun is my favorite snake shooting gun but want to learn to hit less than the broadside of a red barn with the pistol.

The first thing I learned is that SOME law enforcement men have a huge ego and like to display it. Now I am not talking about our grandson but some of them. The instructor is cute but maybe not as cute as he thinks he is, get my drift. Nice man though and he does know what he is doing and is a good teacher so I will just enjoy the view and learn all I can.

My first discovery last night was that I am not packing a gun but a revolver - a Smith and Wesson revolver. Roy is packing a semi-automatic which I am going to learn how to shoot also for loading it is much easier. Mine I have to put in 6 shells but I learned about clips which will reload all 6 at once so I have to learn how to use one of these. He wants us to become quick-shooting and reloading, gun-toting citizens. Now that is not my ambition but will pretty well do what I want to for I'm a trifle older than he is so I will just pull rank - the age rank that is.

Saturday we will going to the firing range for an all day shooting match with lunch and light refreshment. If I had my stove working I would take a pound cake and some sweet iced tea but I will settle for whatever they provide for us and say, "Thank you" for that is the Southern way. Even when we are shooting a paper man we will remember our manners and say "Pardon me while I try to shoot you in the little x in the center of your heart." At least maybe I can hit him in the body somewhere.

Now if you are wondering why I am doing all this, there is a simple answer - I am a Southern woman who was raised around guns, have guns and like to shoot them. Daddy took us hunting as children and I liked it but don't do it anymore for I don't like to get up early. I also like it for self-protection for we live out in the country and who knows what 2 legged or 4 legged critters might come my way. It is much more likely to be the 4 legged kind or those that crawl on the ground but whatever I want to be prepared to give them a hurtin'.

I also travel by myself a lot and like to have pistol on the seat by me for you never know who might challenge a little ole white-haired lady to a duel or try to take advantage of her. Right, but I can dream can't I? Just being realistic for there might be a "critter" who needs chastising a little.

One of the young ladies in our class recently had her home broken into and several things stolen from her. She coaches and gets in late a lot and is now afraid to go in her house alone. Can't imagine how that would make you feel but I know daddy and mama were held at knife point several years ago and it changed their attitude about being safe until they died. Don't worry about it, but we do live way out in the country and just want to take precautions and stay safe.

Now, please, if you are one of those dear friends of mine that think owning and shooting guns is terrible, awful and we should not, just don't get your panties all in a wad. I respect your feelings but as for me, I want to have a gun and know how to use it but don't plan to shoot anyone or anything unless absolutely necessary. I do know I could if it meant protecting me or mine and I will protect you if you need it.

Oh yes, I must put a disclaimer on the picture on the left, that is not me - not even in my wildest dreams but a girl can wish can't she? She looks good doesn't she? Maybe when I put my ear protectors on I will look like her - mayby, kinda, sorta, not on your life.

Well, after we shoot on Saturday I will let ya'll know how I did and I will take some pictures to share with ya'll. Be careful going home and come back soon for some "light refreshment" and conversation or "comersation" as our daughter would say.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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