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Jekyll Island Beach by frances robson

Good morning and come on in for a cold coke for, praise the Lord, I am wearing my flip flops and shorts and loving every minute of it. Now I know we are going to have some more cold weather but I am going to enjoy every day of this beautiful spring weather.

They are plowing the field next to our yard getting ready to plant something and that dark brown dirt looks like it would be fun to walk in barefoot and I probably will. When we were children we loved to walk in Daddy's footprints when he plowed and since he is Home, I will just make some footprints of my own and remember our sweet Daddy and how he loved to plow the ground, plant, watch it grow and share the bounty. So I think I will do that and just enjoy the cool, damp earth and thank the Lord for those great memories.

As you can see from my pictures, I am longing for the beach and we are going to Jekyll next month for a few days. It will be wonderful to put my "Toes in the Sand and my --- in the Sand" like the Zach Brown Band sings about. This is my most favorite occupation so I think I would make a stupendous beach bum, don't you? Since I can't do that I will take what I can get and look forward to our trip next month.

Thought I would share some quick, delicious and easy breakfast ideas with you that we enjoy. The first one is how I cook oatmeal with extra flavors and ingredients that tastes wonderful. I bet even if your children don't like oatmeal, they will like this way to fix it. It also is cheaper and tastier than the instant oatmeal mixes and just about as quick. I am using estimated amounts for I tend to just put handfuls in but will try to give some measurements.

This will be for 4 helpings and you can half it easily.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Quick cooking oatmeal - not the instant
Measure water and oats according to the directions on the box
1/2 apple, coarsely chopped - with peeling
1/2 cup raisins or dried cranberries
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. apple pie spice
good grating of nutmeg
pinch of salt
1 tbsp. brown sugar per serving of oatmeal being prepared

Combine all in pan and cook on medium heat until done - about 5 minutes. Stir often to keep it from sticking and keep the raisins from sinking to the bottom. Serve with butter or milk or both and crispy toast or English muffins.
The measurements for the apples and raisins can be more or less just add how much you want and sometimes it's how much I have. This is quick and sooo good.

The other idea I want to share is how to dress up scrambled eggs. You can serve over grits in a cup or bowl for your own breakfast in a cup.

Scrambled Eggs Deluxe

2 eggs per person
Your choice: Chopped summer sausage or other smoked or fully cooked sausage
Chopped ham - cured, baked or sandwich meat ham
Diced tomatoes - I like the cherry tomatoes cut in half
Bacon bits - from the refrigerator section of grocery or leftover
grated cheese of choice
salt and pepper to taste

Beat eggs until frothy. Spray nonstick skillet with butter flavored cooking spray and add you meat or meats of choice and cook just until hot, add eggs, continue stirring and add the tomatoes and or grated cheese and salt and pepper to taste.
When eggs are scrambled to your taste spoon over grits or serve alone. I like to have a bowl of grits and serve the eggs over them and have hot, buttered toast. I don't stir my eggs a lot as they cook but use a spatula and have a messy omelet type scrambled eggs.

If you like this spicy, you could add chopped chilies and hot sauce as the eggs cook. This is a dish you just do your thing but it is a complete breakfast, quick, easy and a good way to use leftover meats.

Let me know if you tried either of these and how you liked them for I really need some comments and suggestions.

Now ya'll come back to see me and I am going to go walk in the fresh, plowed dirt and enjoy.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

Leaving Jekyll Island by frances robson

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