Taste of Heaven

Early Morning on Jekyll Island by frances robson

Good evening to ya'll and I am so glad you stopped by for a visit. Come on in for a cup of coffee and a little conversation while we enjoy the sunshine out on the porch. It is a beautiful sunny day with a little breeze but getting a little nippy. This is a foretaste of what is coming for we are supposed to have rain and much colder tonight and I am not looking forward to it. Like most Georgia Peaches or Bama Belles I prefer hot and getting hotter but a little cold must come to help us appreciate the warm and I think we are in overload this winter.

I'm just glad I am not in 18 inches of snow like my nephew Jason up in Detroit or Sam and Cindy out in Arlington, TX. It was 14 degrees there last night and not much better today. This is the site for the Super Bowl this weekend and I am sure that many people are praying the airports will stay open and the interstates for if you pay thousands of dollars for a seat at this game, you sure don't want to watch it on TV or be stranded in an airport somewhere.

Is there something wrong with that picture? I can't imaging paying thousands or even hundreds of dollars to see a football game at ANY level. As much as I love Jimmy Buffet, Zach Brown Band and The Eagles, I wouldn't even pay hundreds to see them in concert much less a bunch of grown men running up and down a football field trying to kill each other. I like football but not that much and the SEC is more to my liking - Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi State. Seems like our values are just a wee bit warped or out of kilter.

My last posting was about choir practice, which we have tonight, and I am happy to say our music last Sunday was very good. We have 3 new choir members who sing wonderfully and we made not only a joyful noise but a harmonic and pleasing sound as we praised our Lord. It was a good thing.

The most wonderful part of sitting in the choir is watching the congregation while we worship with singing for our church likes to sing. We had a visiting pastor, who we know well, and I watched Mike sit on the front row and just close his eyes and listen as our church sang with beauty and worship. He said later it was beautiful and not like a lot of churches where it's like pulling teeth to get them to sing.

Our minister of music, Chad, is why it is such a worshipful time for he blends the old hymns, new hymns, and praise music so we all can sing our praises. Sitting in the choir, I saw eyes closed, heads lifted to heaven, hands clasped, and worshipping with their voices raised in song and worship. From children to senior adults the praises soared through the church and I know they wafted to heaven and our Heavenly Father smiled with pleasure as His children praised and worshipped Him with our hearts.

This is not unusual in our church for with wonderful leadership we don't just make music but we sing from our hearts and it is beautiful. We rejoice as we sing Holy, holy, holy and give Him all the praise for His mercy and love. You can almost see and touch the worship as it rises up from the congregation for it is like a sweet fragrance permeating the church and flowing upward and outward.

As I looked at the people singing Sunday, I thought this is what heaven is going to be like for there were young and old, white, brown and black, boys and girls and women and men all praising God together. I just wanted to shout hallelujah but realizing I was in a First Baptist church, I refrained and just closed my eyes and envisioned the throne of God and me standing before Him with all my brothers and sisters in Christ singing in perfect harmony. That is what heaven is all about and someday I will be there forever. Hallelujah and Amen.

Thanks be to God for the privilege and blessing to be able to sing - not always in tune but always in praise for Him who sits upon His throne and knows me by my name. Oh joy!

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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