Spring is Arriving

Feet in Plowed Ground by frances robson

Good evening and come on into the 'Net Porch and sit a spell. I am sorry it has been so long since I posted but have not been feeling really well this week but as our Southern Lady Mama taught us, we don't talk about our maladies. Just know I have been a little under the weather this week and haven't done enough cooking to share anything special except a waffle recipe.

It is very easy and quick. To your favorite waffle recipe, and I use the one on the Bisquick box, add about 1/2 chopped apple, tsp. of cinnamon and tsp. of apple pie spice. Cook in the waffle iron as usual and I served it with warm strawberries I had frozen last spring. I take a quart of frozen strawberries and microwave them with a little sugar for about 4 minutes. I like them just a little warm.

You can also serve them with your favorite syrup or preserves. Make a double recipe and freeze some to pop on the toaster later for a quick breakfast or snack. The chopped apple adds an extra flavor with the added bonus of some fruit for the day.

As you can tell from the picture above it is plowing time in South Georgia. Standing in fresh plowed ground reminds me of Daddy and how he loved to plow, plant, grow vegetables and share them with others. Mama would put as much as we could eat in canning jars or freeze it for us to enjoy the rest of the year. There was always plenty of good food at our home which we had raised and preserved. It was hard work but worth it.

Roy and I continued to do this until a couple of years ago and we found that we didn't really need a big garden but have been planting tomatoes and a few other plants in containers or by the fence but this year we decided to try a couple of raised beds which we bought at Sams Club.Roy got them put together this week and filled with dirt today. We bordered our patio with them so we can keep the plants watered and we can pick our fresh veggies close by. We bought and put together 2 sets and this is one of them.

Roy put some good topsoil in the bottom and then potting soil on the top. They are 7ft x 4 ft and 16 inches deep but the roots can go deeper for there are sitting on top of dirt.

I plan to plant some broccoli plants, turnips, mustard and some herbs in one of the beds this week. These will be fine in the cooler weather and then soon it will be time for the tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers. As it grows, I will share pictures with you and I am looking forward to seeing how much we can grow in these 2 beds.

Thought I would share some of the signs of springs in our yard. This is a branch of flowers on our Bradford pear tree.

These are our 2 Bradford pear trees which we enjoy the flowers each spring and the beautiful red leaves in the fall. We plan to plant some more this year.

One of the hyacinths which grows by our pump house which were planted before we bought the house 18 years ago. They still come up each spring and I love to bring them in the house for they smell so good.

My daffodils are slowly coming back up but when we landscaped this fall some of them were lost.

Camellias are a little late this year and not as healthy due to the freezing weather this winter. Ours was a little more harsh than usual but I have a few pretty blooms. My plants are over 20 years old but camellias will live forever if you take care of them.

Though it is and invasive weed, the dandelion is pretty to me. Because this one is growing out next to the field I will leave it for a while and enjoy the beauty of the blooms. It is one of our first signs of spring.
We still have not seen any robins which will come in flocks later on but the redbirds are all over the yard and are so pretty. One morning recently I counted over 20 in the back yard all chirping loudly and busy hunting worms and insects. I tried to get pictures but when I opened the door they flew away.
I hope you enjoy the pictures and try putting the chopped apple in your waffles and cinnamon makes everything taste better.
Ya'll come back to see me and take care going home.
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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