Chocolate Covered Cherry Mini-Cupcakes

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Good evening and come on in the house for a visit and some little cupcakes I made yesterday. It is so hot outside even at 10:00 at night we can sit in the AC and I am drinking some peach tea I made today. It is so good and I have fresh mint I picked today in it and that makes is extra special. If you have mint, cut some and keep it in a vase on the window sill for it smells good and will root in about a week. Makes a good gift for someone but warn them it spreads like gossip and that spreads pretty quickly. It is good room freshener also - crush a few leaves and place them in a pretty dish and it will last a couple days.

Ya'll will have to help me this week for we are going to Roy's 50th class reunion in Selma, AL next weekend. You know how I begin to prepare to look my best and we are going to get him all gussied up too. There is a whole weekend of activities planned and we plan to enjoy all of them. Now to decide what to wear that won't make me look old, short and fat and it may be a losing battle.

There will be "casual dressy" attire for all of them. Now to me this seems to be an oxymoron for "casual" to me is jeans, t-shirt, flip flops and minimum makeup. "Dressy" indicates to any good Southern girl that you have to put on the Sunday clothes or fancier, heels, makeup, earrings and your best manners and smile a lot. You speak softly, look interested in what everyone is saying and mind your manners.

So how am I going to be "casual dressy?" Maybe if I wear some dressy pants, a pretty blouse, earrings, makeup and almost best manners it will do. What do you think? Of course I could wear my jeans, a pretty blouse, makeup, earrings and act like myself and see what happens. As you can tell jeans are my favorite things to wear and maybe I will just iron them well, sharp creases and go as myself. That will be alright with some, a little of shock to others and Roy will just shake his head. "Myself" is a little different from some.

You see, I don't know most of these folks for Roy graduated with several hundred and I graduated with 50 and that was a big class for Camden. There are a few close friends of his that I know but haven't seen them for years and after you ask about their mamas, children and grandchildren that's about it. Maybe I better take a tote bag full of knitting and a couple of books, find a corner and just entertain myself but then who is going to watch Roy as he meets all his old girl friends and there were several before me. Not sure I trust them as much as I trust him for he still looks good to me.

Now don't worry for I will behave and dress like my "good Southern mama" would want me too for I don't want her to send down lightening from up above. I sure don't want anyone to say, "Bless her heart, her mama must be so ashamed of her for looking and acting like that." In the South, mamas always get the blame for their children's misbehavior and bad manners even if they did their best and ours did. I will not wear my jeans, and I will smile a lot, try not to drop my plate, keep my knees together, not wear too much makeup, and enjoy it all. Bless my heart, ya'll pray for me.

That's enough about that but I will be sure and let ya'll know what I do wear and if I behaved at the Country Club and the St. James hotel for we will be stepping in "high cotton." Don't get to do this much so will enjoy it.

I promised you a recipe so I will quit rambling and get to it. This is my version of a recipe I saw several months ago and I think mine is better. The original recipe calls for chocolate covered cherries but because all I had was the maraschino I tried these and they are really good, so here it is.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Mini-Cupcake

1 pkg. your favorite brownie mix - family size
2 eggs
2 Tbsp. cold coffee or water
1 tsp. vanilla
1 small bottle of cherries
1/2 cup walnuts or pecans finely chopped

Makes 24 mini cupcakes

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Line the mini cupcake cups or spray with cooking spray
Drain the bottleof cherries and spread them on paper towels to dry.

Mix the brownie mix according to directions on package except use 2 eggs, cold coffee, vanilla and add the chopped nuts. I put the walnuts in a plastic bag and pounded them with rolling pin for they need to be small. Don't over mix, just until well combined.

Put about tsp. brownie mix in each cup, place a cherry in each cup and press down in the dough. Top with another spoonful of batter. I used regular teaspoons not the measuring spoon. The top doesn't have to have a lot of batter for it will rise. Just be sure they are covered. Just use about half the batter on the bottom and half on top. It might be easier to divide the batter in half and divide it among the cups but you don't really have to be that precise.

Bake for about 10-12 minutes or until done but not too done, remove from oven and place pans on cooling racks. If you have not used cupcake liners, take a small knife, run around the edges of the cupcakes and lift them gently out to cool.
You can frost them with your favorite frosting or I sprinkled them with powdered sugar. They are moist, rich and delicious.

I hope you try them and let me know what you think.

Ya'll have a good night and be careful going home.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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