Chains of Beauty

Chains of Beauty

Good evening and come on in for a visit on this warm January day.  It is warm, sunny and feels like late spring and I'm loving it.  Doesn't matter to me if we don't have any more cold weather for I like warm not cold.  We spent the weekend in Alabama at the home place and the weather was warm and wonderful like the family group gathered to enjoy each other.

Awhile back I said I would share some of my craft projects with you and today is the day - ta dah.  The scarf in the picture above is so pretty you could also wear it for jewelry and it is so simple and allows you to use your imagination and make it to match your wardrobe. 

Many of my friends seeing me crochet tell me that all they know how to do is crochet a chain so I made this from nothing but simple, single, crocheted chains.  If you don't know how to make a crocheted chain, this is a good site to learn -  It also has some advanced instructions also.

To make the scarf above, I gathered yarns from my stash and began to mix and match.  I used one multi colored yarn as the basis for the color selection but I used various kinds of yarn and needle sizes.  There are no rules other that crochet chains about 70 inches long from several types and colors of yarn.  Leave 8-10 inches at the beginning and the end for a long fringe.  This is also where you will even the length of the scarf.

As you can see from this scarf, I used shades of the same color but you can also use contrasting colors.  I included eyelash yarn, fun fur, knitting worsted and some big fluffy yarn.  All of these are 70 inch long chains of the simple chain stitch and several needle sizes.

After you have the chains crocheted, lay them side by side and find the center and make a knot.  Work down the scarf, knotting about every 8 inches and the last knot should be at the beginning of the fringe.  I don't do a double knot for all you need is a simple overhand knot. 

On one scarf, I did not knot in the center back but found the center back, measured about 4 inches to each side and made a knot and then knotted about every 8 inches down the sides of the scarf.  You don't have to be precise and you can knot it however you like. If you don't want to knot, you can wrap it several spots with yarn or ribbon.

Line up the fringe and even it by cutting the ends. 

You can also use strips of ribbons in the with the chains to add a different texture.  It is not a precise pattern and you can make it shorter or longer and use whatever yarns, ribbons or anything else you want to include.  In one, I used a couple of pieces of T shirt yarn.  These are made with 10 - 11 chains but I have made them with less or more. 

These are great projects to carry with you for you just take the yarns you have in your stash, crochet chains about 70 inches long, combine and knot a scarf. 

As you see, you can tie them, let them hang, wrap once or twice or carry the ends through some of the strands.  Very versatile and easy to make.  I crochet the chains when sitting around or traveling and when I need a new scarf or "necklace", check my chain collection, pick out a few, knot and wear.  Have fun.  I have several of these scarves at my Etsy shop so stop by for a visit.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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