Christmas is For Children

 Good evening and come in the house out of the "blustery" wind, as Pooh would say.  It has been awhile since I wrote but I was on a "hiatus" as I read on another blog but that is just a fancy word for lazy, too busy, nothing to say, tired, or procrastinator - just take you pick or choose all.  I was a tad busy, tired, nothing to say, and procrastinated about sitting down and writing.  I plan to be back on a regular schedule for I have several good recipes and some crafting to share with you.  So come on in and let me brag about our great-grandchildren and introduce you to our new family member.

The new member is the cat above or rather the kitten. She is a stray which appeared at our son's house several weeks ago and they have several so we decided we could add another cat to our household.  Our other cat, Bumper, is about 15 years old and is getting quite feeble, losing his eyesight and we know he won't be with us too much longer. This was our excuse for adopting "Sweets."

Another reason we like her so much is that our first cat was a beautiful gray cat who lived for many years but had to be put to sleep a couple of years ago.  We have become "cat people" and didn't want Bumper to be alone and we didn't want a time when we didn't have one so Sweets is now our new family member.

She adopted this shoebox when I put it on the floor and likes to sit in it and sometimes sleep in it.  At night, she sleeps at the foot of our bed on my feet and gets a little perturbed when I move her.  The funny thing is that  when she gets out our bigger cat gets in and folds himself into a pretzel to lie down in it.  I put another box next to it but this one seems to be the favorite.

In this picture she is watching TV and will sit and wait for us to turn it on.  Not sure what she thinks she is seeing but she likes to watch whatever it is.  Kinda strange to see a kitten sitting in front of the TV.

Our Christmas was very special this year for we had our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with us.  Of course the great-grands were the most fun and made it extra special.

This is Josie, the youngest member of our family.  Here she is dressed to match the toy for she is very fashion conscious and has to pick out her clothes and bows and prefers dresses and BIG bows. As her mother said, in Texas they like big hair but Josie prefers big bows.  Give her a tutu and she is in heaven and loves to twirl and dance with it on.  Of course her MawMaw -me - has made her several.  Going to be interesting when she gets to be a teenager.

This is our big boy, Noah.  He likes to play a caped avenger and this is the super cape I made from the back of a t shirt.  It is a super easy project and I will post it for you sometimes but basically it is the back of the shirt with the neckline left on to slip over the head.  Noah thought it was just right and enjoyed the super powers it gave him.

She is pretty even with a dirty face for who could resist those great big blue eyes and those tousled curls.  The biggest problem with the curls is that she hates to have her hair washed. To voice her objection, she has learned to be a real "Southern Belle" for she can throw a magnificent "hissy fit" which is necessary if you are to get your way.

She even likes to dress up to play on the trailer.
This shirt says it all for sometimes she can worry her older brother but he loves her "all the world's full" as he is illustrating.
Mawmaw's muffins were good down to the dough.

Give a toddler a pile of dirt and they can play for hours.

Noah was King of Hill but Josie was surely the princess in waiting to get up there and take it away from him.

The wide-eyed wonder of a three year old.

They did share the hot tub with their parents and had a ball in the "swimming pool."
Trying to catch a big fish.
Josie and her new stove - thanks to Nana and G Paw
Noah and his new wheels also thanks to grandparents. 

As you can see we had had great time with our family and especially the children for they make the holidays fun and memorable. 

I sure hate they live in Colorado for I miss them.  Family is so wonderful!!

Be careful going home and come back to see me.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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