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Driftwood by frances robson

Good evening and come on in for a visit.  I know I haven't posted in a long time but I am going through a contemplative time in my life and been doing a lot of cogitating, as my English teacher used to say.  So today, I am going to share some thoughts and what the new phase of my blog will be.

I began this blog to connect with my nieces and nephews who live in Texas, Michigan, and soon one will be living in Belgium and we seldom see each other.  My brother, our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren do not live close either so my blog was one way of communicating family news and history.  If we could get together more often we could share family tales and connect with our past but because we cannot I have tried to tell them via the blog. 

That was my first phase and then I began to add commentaries about the world around me and added a little humor which I enjoyed writing.  This however soon ran it's course and finding comedy became more difficult and I began to struggle with what to say.

The third phase was putting my recipes and those from family and friends and I think I gave you some pretty good ideas.  I hope you have tried many of them and for the family I will be compiling them into a notebook for you.  Because I am not cooking as much as I used to this became more difficult also but I will give you new ones as I try new ones and perfect some old ones.

Now, what comes next?  I am entering a new phase in my life and it will be quite interesting I believe.  In August I will be 70 years old - sounds quite old doesn't it and some days I feel everyone of those years.  Other days, I look in the mirror and wonder who that old lady is staring back at me but I have to face the truth - I will be 70.

Does this frighten me, no, but it does cause me to pause and think for I know that I will not live as long in the future as I have in the past.  There may be many years, for longevity runs in my family, but they may not and that is OK for I know that my eternity is in heaven and I have many friends and family waiting there.  So how do I spend these years?

I know I do not want to be obligated to write a blog posting each day with a good recipe or a tale of family history for that gets boring and I am ADD and bore easily.  So I want to share the good parts of my life right now such as some of the beautiful pictures I am taking, new places we hope to visit, how to approach and enjoy our latter years and some of my needlework I enjoy so much.

The postings will not come every day for I have decided to only do what I really want to, not be afraid to say "no" to those I don't enjoy and above all treasure my days with my husband.  You see he has Parkinson's disease and is doing really well but I know the time is coming when he will not do as well and I want to share all we can with each other as long as we can. 

Old age is freeing for you feel free to say "no" to those things you really don't want to do and you can dress like you want, say what you like, act silly, dance in the rain, wade through the water at the beach and kick the water high, or just stay in bed and read a good book. I think I am going to enjoy it!!

Now, Becky - our daughter - don't get all teary eyed for I am not being morbid but just facing facts and plan to be wild and crazy as long as I can be.  When you act wild and crazy at my age you can plead insanity or dementia and just go with it. 

I am so glad many of you have been faithful readers of my blog and I hope you will go through these next years with me as I enter this wonderful new part of my life.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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