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Driftwood Beach - Jekyll Island

I have been visiting Jekyll Island for many years with Roy, youth camps and librarian conventions but had not found Driftwood Beach until last year.  It is located on the northern end of Jekyll and not until I stayed at Villas By the Sea last year did I discover this wonderful beach.  I have linked the subtitle to information about how it was formed so I urge you to visit that link.

As I have strolled among the trees, I see all types of creatures - but then I find pictures in the clouds too.  Many of them look like dragons and every time I go I see new ones.

This is one of my favorites for I see a Flying Unicorn grazing among the rocks for little crabs.  Is it not beautiful?  As I was taking pictures of this last spring, a young man asked me what I was doing and when I explained I was taking pictures of a unicorn and dragons, he almost ran away.  His curiosity won and when I showed him several he began to take pictures also.  His dad looked at us with great disdain and disbelief but who cares?  We were having fun.

Can you see the dragon's head in the center and his tail is hidden in the sand?  He is keeping guard over the beach for me.

This one shows some of the many pieces of driftwood on the beach and you can see how beautiful it is. 

I see a dragon's head in this one but what I think it is so beautiful in the smoothness of the wood.  The grain is wonderful and it is smooth as silk.  Tide, blowing sand, and storms have smoothed it and made it beautiful.

I call this one the Guardian Dragon for he is watching the ocean and guarding the beach.

This one is just pretty with the smooth wood, the shadow and the moss growing on the wood.
I have seen several weddings, parties, anniversary celebrations, picnics and science club groups on the beach but I use it sit, think, pray and worship the God who made all of this. 
It also reminds me that though life may uproot and toss us on the shores of life, tides wash us every day, sand rubs us, and storms beat us, we are beautiful. 
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach


Anitra said...

I see dragons, Frances! Beautiful photography! This blog makes me ache to visit Jekyll! I haven't been there in years!


There is actually a fib in the Jekyll Island account of the formation of Driftwood beach. I grew up here. When Hurricane Dora hit, I was 9 years old, and the area now known as Driftwood Beach was a beautifully shaded,Live Oak-filled picnic area and public beach, complete with showers, restrooms and dressing rooms. Some of my fondest memories were spent under the mighty oaks you now see scattered around as skeletons on the beach, with my Mama and Daddy and out of town relatives who had come to visit. It remained basically the same for about another twenty years that I know of, but inching away little by little.
I don't know what what caused the sea to encroach and erode like it did; I know it didn't begin until AFTER the boulders were placed there.
It is heartbreaking.
I am just now discovering your blog, I stumbled across it while researching peach pound cake recipes !