The first Valentine's Day that Lindsay and I were together, he promised me a rose garden, not just a dozen roses.  During the last year and a half, he has done just that.  The picture above is part of the garden he is giving me and the following pictures are a few examples of the beautiful roses he has planted.

We have several reds but his is one of my favorites

Yellow with a hint of a darker yellow 

One of the several pinks 

Having fresh flowers in the house most of the time is wonderful

After a rain shower with drops of rain glistening on the leaves 

A bouquet of beauty

 This is a climbing yellow rose that will eventually cover an arbor

I hope you have enjoyed the "rose show" from our yard and all the thanks go to Lindsay.  He has given me my "Rose Garden" and keeps adding to it.  Thank you!!

Come back and visit again sometimes and I will continue the show as new ones bloom and new ones are planted. 

The Georgia Peach


My view on my last afternoon at the beach for a few weeks  and what a beauty!  This is  at the top of the dunes and always takes my breath each time I see it.  We have to leave St. Augustine for a few weeks but will be back for a few days in November.  Always bittersweet for it will be good to be home but always miss the beach.

The waves reflect the blue skies and are capped with white foam as the wind is still blowing rather briskly.

A great day for flying a kite and I wish I had been closer for it was a beautiful sight with the sun glinting off the red, white and blue.

A new bloom on the Bird of Paradise that completely opened today. 

My artistic attempt with items I found on the beach. Think it looks pretty good. Lindsay never knows what I am going to drag home when I visit the beach twice a day.  I think I am addicted to the stuff tangled in the seaweed but you never know what you will find. 

We have had a good time with family, Liz and Bryan, eaten a lot of good food, and soaked up lots of sun.  Looking forward to another trip soon. 

A Day of Peace and Joy

Another day at the  beach and it was good to rise early and walk the the beach trying to find enough beach that was not covered in water, foam or sea grasses.  The tide was extremely high today and the wind was a little brisk but it was still wonderful to walk by the sea and listen to our Heavenly Father and rejoice in the beauty He created.  

We are here with Liz and Bryan visiting from New Jersey and are having a wonderful time enjoying the beach and St. Augustine. We had lunch with a friend who recommended a new restaurant, The Floridian, which is very good.  It is in historical St. Augustine and quite unusual.  

This an Irish public house across from our parking lot and it was interesting that "Happy Hour" lasted all day.  The Irish know how to spend the day!! If you have never visited St. Augustine, you should for it's history has been well preserved and you can eat cuisine from anywhere in the world as well as great, fresh seafood caught locally.  

This is one example of the streets of the historical district with brick streets and the pink house down the street is built of coquina and has stood the test of time and storms and still stands solid and beautiful.

After lunch it was back to my favorite place, the ocean.  

The ocean was rough but with the sun shining through and blue sky peeping out behind the clouds, it was beautiful, but then I love the beach when it is sunny, cloudy, windy or any weather condition. 

Crescent Beach FL for the last few days has been covered with foam from the rough seas and high winds.  It is covering lots of sea grasses, sticks, stems, shells, coconuts, palm trees, planks, and most anything else that is floating around in the ocean right now.  The sun was shining today and it was beautiful and welcome.

 This is the erosion due to the high tides and winds.  We are losing lots of sand and I hope it will wash back up in the days to come.
The rough seas with the tide coming in. There was no one swimming on the beach where we were but there was a couple of surfers taking there chance with the rip-tides.

This afternoon I closed out the day walking on the beach and relaxing and at peace with myself and the world.  It may be turmoil all around me and in our world, but here I find solitude and peace as I watch the waves come in, hear the sound of the surf, feel the sand beneath my feet and and talk to the Father.  I have learned to listen to Him more than talk and I hear wonderful words of peace, love and comfort come from Him.  Praise the Father, praise the Son and thank You, the Great I Am for being the Almighty, Eternal God of all.