Friday's Thoughts

Come on in and have a fresh brewed cup of coffee - strong, hot and in a mug like Granddaddy would have. I sure hope they have coffee in heaven for if they don't some of us might be just a tad disappointed. We've been assured it is a place of perfection so I'm sure it will have some coffee. Unless....... that is one of those addictions we should withdraw from. I don't think so for it is definitely not mentioned in the 10 commandments and Preacher Ben has not told us about it so it must be a good thing.

I've been told my granddaughter was a little embarrassed by her MawMaw talking about "closed doors" on Wednesday and I am sorry. However - there she goes- there may be snow on the top but I'm not dead yet and the furnace has not been turned off. So, baby dahlin, you will understand some day and remember your Mawmaw fondly even if she is a tad different.

You see, Girls Raised In The South are born with that flirtatious gene and we can't help it and aren't we glad? Here in the South flirting is just part of our personality and it just comes naturally. As baby girls we know how to look at you like you are the only man on this great big earth, bat our eyelashes, open our eyes wide, look you men right in the eyes, smile and wrap you around our fingers!!! You men never know what hit you and if you have daughters, you know exactly what I'm saying, don't you?

Then after we have your total attention, we kinda turn our heads to the side, look at you like we think you are the best thing since sliced bread and in that slow, sweet, Southern drawl say, "Honey, would you do this, that or the other". You run to do it for what man can resist all that charm wrapped up in such a pretty package.

Of course all girls in and from the South know how to say Thank you, Sweetheart" that will make you come back for more and more. We know how to say thank you, write thank you notes, take thank you presents and be thankful for all these handsome men the good Lord placed in our paths.

You see, Southern gentlemen are as special as Girls Raised In the South. They are slow talking, slow walking, gentle, strong, and know how to charm a woman. It's in their genes also and they just can't help it. Why the first time I saw that handsome hunk of man I married I actually tripped over his feet I was so awed. It was like the hand of fate stuck that foot in my way so I could trip and he would help me not to fall. Now it wasn't love at first sight for we know we have to check out their mamas first, but a friendship was started and you know the rest of the story. It is now 45 years later and he is still my boyfriend, sweetheart and husband.

It's just something about the South that makes it the place to flirt, fall in love, and have a glass of iced tea - thought I was going say something else didn't you? Not on your life, for we also know that you don't have to show the whole package to get someone to unwrap it. or talk about it later. It's kind of sad many of the women today don't realize that a little mystery makes you a whole lot more attractive. After all when you unwrap a present it's not always what you thought it would be, right? Girls, take from someone who knows, don't flaunt it, just hint at it. Makes it a lot more fun.

So, granddaughter, maybe you shouldn't read this but someone must teach you how we Southern women take care of our men. Why do you think men from up north come down South to find a wife?

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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