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Good Saturday morning. Ya'll come on in and have a hot scone and a cup of coffee. Coffee's hot and the scone is fresh made.

Cell phones are something else aren't they? They can take pictures, call people, you can receive calls, you can text, leave voice mail and a lot of other stuff I haven't found on mine yet. I just found out how to answer my voice mail. It kept asking me for my security code and I kept telling it I didn't have the faintest idea what it was just give me my messages. Needless to say, it's mechanical mind wouldn't let me past that point without that dumb code. Now let me tell you, that really ticked me off for it's my phone, I'm paying the bill so give me the cotton pickin messages. Well, I finally gave up and Roy asked the young man who set up the account and he gave me the security code but I was so mad by that time I haven't used THE security code. If it is a security code how does this young man know what it is and I didn't! It's not his phone but mine.

Now as far as the picture taking thing-a-ma-jig, if I take the pictures what in the world am I supposed to do with them? I don't have the foggiest idea and further more see no sense in taking pictures if the only place I can see them is on the itty bitty screen. So I will probably let that part stay unused.

However, (oh here she goes) I do like the calculator part that I found by accident. You see I am not the most math-minded person in the world. It's like my friend Clay says, its one of the necessities of life, but who the heck wants to use it. By the way, he calls economics "voodoo" and I kinda agree with him. Back to the calculator.

You see when I was in the 1st grade, "Miss Elise" taught me to hate arithmetic. As I have said before, I was always late to school for my bus driver evidently didn't know how to put the metal to the petal on that bus and we had to have our arithmetic done before school started or shortly afterwards. There was a white cabinet on the right side of the door into our first grade room and on top of that cabinet was our 2 or 3 math sheets and a bowl of shelled corn for us to take as we came in the room. We took them to our seat at the long table and calculated our problems using the corn kernels and not our fingers unless she wasn't looking and then the fingers would fly. Sooo, since I came in late, I had to finish mine at recess. Now is that fair? I think not for it wasn't my fault I was late, but that slow-poke bus driver named Mr. Wooley. Why couldn't he stay in for recess and do my math? This taught me at an early age that life wasn't fair and math was evil. Haven't had too much experience to change my mind.

So now you see why having a calculator on my cell phone is great. I really don't use it that much though for I just let the bank keep up with my money and as my daughter told me when she was about 4, just write the check mama. I guess now she would say, "Just swipe the debit card, mama." This was her response when I told her I didn't have any money to buy something she wanted. Took her awhile to learn you had to have some money in the bank.

Well, that's about all for today.
Nuff said.
The Georgia Peach

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Becky (daughter) said...

No, now it would be, are you sure you need it or just want it?

Love you,