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Good morning, ya'll. Come on in for a hot cup of coffee for it is as cold as a w------ t---- in a brass bra. Trying to keep that genteel as any Southern lady would.

Now you know that a Southern lady has written is stone rules for behavior and we must obey them all or the "mama police" will tell everybody including yo mama. By the way, in case you haven't been reading this blog for awhile, the "mama police" are those loving and caring women who know it is their directive from above to keep an eye on everybody and comment to everybody on what they see, hear or think they see or hear. These women are the "tattle tales" in any community, but you know it's because they love you or maybe not. It could be they are just nosey but I think it is because they know it takes a village to raise children. RIGHT!!

Back to the southern lady rules. This came to mind when I was in a public office building yesterday and observed some behaviors and ways of dressing which would cause a southern lady to gasp in horror, fan herself and almost faint, if there was a good looking gentleman close by to catch her. There were some females, I just can't call them ladies, who were dressed in sweat pants, flip flops and their heads tied up in a dirty scarf. Now don't you think that was a pretty picture? Besides, it was 40 degrees outside and even the room was cold. Where in the world were these females raised?

I know for sure and certain it wasn't by my mama or the mama police I knew and know. It was a written down rule that you did not go out in public with sweat pants or your head tied up. You certainly wore your good shoes, nice, ironed, clean pants, a pretty blouse and your hair would always be clean and a pony tale was acceptable if you were having a bad hair day. You see, you never knew who you would see or would see you and you had to look presentable at all times in public. Why the preacher might see you and you surely didn't want to embarass your mama and daddy by looking unpresentable. Don' t you remember what your mama said as you left home? Mine always said, "What you look like and how you are dressed reflects on me" or "You can't go out looking like that for people will say your mama just doesn't care how you look." Remember the "mama police" are watching and waiting to call everybody on the party line and report if you were not dressed properly.

Now back to the women I saw yesterday. Behavior was surely unacceptable! You NEVER chew gum and talk, tell everybody your business, talk loudly and priss around like you are the Queen of Sheba. Heavens to Betsy, we all learned more about their business, their family and friends than we really wanted to know unless you are writing the gossip column for the local, weekly paper. We were all terribly emabarassed fot them knowing that their mamas just hadn't taught them the rules. Bless their hearts. we'll just have to forgive them since they don't know any better. They should have had some raising and at least know not to tie up their hair in public.

Oh me oh my, what has happened to our girls and women today? Why, somebody needs to tell them that to catch and keep a man you have to look good, smell good and act good at least until you catch them and then keep it behind closed doors.

Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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