Sunday's Ponderings

Hi ya'll from a warm and sunny South Georgia. It is a beautiful day and I was blessed with a great worship service and Sunday School today. I pray you were blessed or will be blessed by the same opportunity.

Our Sunday School lesson today was from Psalm 19, one of my favorite Psalms and as I prepared to teach it, taught it and pondered it,I was troubled. The lesson was on having a new perspective about life and the new year. David based this new perspective on looking to the heavens which God created, reading and studying His infallible and unshakeable Word, and looking into our hearts and seeing ourselves as God would see us based on the precepts given to us by Him. He has given us all the guidelines to live a life as close to perfection as we can obtain on this side of heaven but how do I measure up to His measuring rod?

As I pondered and prayed, He really began to trouble the waters or "mess in my Kool-aid" as our pastor Ben says. I realized I was not looking to the heavens but looking at me, not reading and studying His Word daily, and not examning my heart according to His plumbline. So, with His strength I am beginning a new year with a new perspective.

The product of all this is a new blog in which I hope to encourage myself and you to read and study God's Word each day and voice some of my insights God will give me about His
Word. This will also hold me accountable to you to keep my perspective refreshed and growing. I hope to have it online by Tuesday of this week but will let you know. Please pray over it with me and for me as I begin a new ministry on the WWW.

A paraphrase of the last verse of this chapter is to let the thoughts of my heart and the words from my mouth glorify Him. In other words, walk it not talk it.

Nuff said for today
The Georgia Peach

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