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Ya'll come on in and have a coke with me. I'm not sure which "cola" drink it is, but we just say "coke" down here. It has been like a summer day down here in South Georgia today. About dinnertime (lunch in the Nawth), it was 70 degrees and muggy and damp. Now my brother, Sam, over in Texas is freezing his tush off and I'm glad it's him and not me. You know this warm, moist air is what it takes for us ladies in the South to keep our Magnolia-like complexion. So bring it on Sugah, I need all the help I can get.

We ate dinnah at a new barbecue place today and it was good. You know how to tell a good barbecue cafe from a bad one? If it smells like smoked pork, you got a winner. If it does not have a smokey smell and pulled pork is not on the menu, a Yankee owns it and it is not barbecue. So run like heck and smell the smoke.

It's also a good sign when they ask what you want to drink and only options are sweet tea, fresh coffee, and coke. Now if you want some water, use the water fountain but for Pete's sake don't ask for the bottled stuff. Now if you imbibe a little, a lighted beer sign on the wall is a good sign but if you don't, tea is the winner. Of course, here in the South, it is most often sweet tea and if you are watching your figure, you get unsweetened, but you had lots of sweetener of some sort. That's kinda cheating, but you know we have to keep that good figure to pleasure our men for our men are the most important thing in our lives. We loooove our men and can't do without them.

That brings up another thought, oh me, here she goes again. Girls in the South or girls raised up in the South know that a good man is hard to find and when you do you hang on to him. Life without a good man is not much fun for we have to have somebody to take care of and what better choice than a Southern Man.

You see, they are pretty special, even the red neck ones. They know how to treat a lady and make us know we are special. Now they aren't all like that and you know what I mean, but most of them are fine especially if they were raised by a Southern mama. Southern mamas know how to raise their sons to treat a woman - with special care. Girls, a piece of advice if you are planning on marrying a good ole Southern hunk of a man, look at his mama and see how she treats her husband and how she treats her son and you will get what you see. Most important is how that hunk of marrying man you want treats his mama for that is generally how he will take care of you.

Now be careful and don't you marry a mama's boy though for they will be spoiled and expect you to do the same. That is not what I mean. If he loves his mama, opens the doors for her to enter first, says yes ma,am, and seldom says no ma'am, picks up his clothes, doesn't mind eating casseroles and looks at you with loving eyes, you got a winnah. Grab him, marry him and hang on to him.

I know from where I speak for I got one and after almost 46 years and we still are sweethearts, I would say I know what I'm talking about. He is special and I know how to make him feel that way and honey chile, you best know how to do that also. When you get that special, Southern man, you take care of him with all the Southern wiles your mama taught you and he will be yours forever. A little sugah goes a long way and remember, what goes on behind closed doors is most important. You know what I mean!

Nuff said

The Georgia Peach

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