Monday's Complaints

Well, I thought I would go ahead and put Tuesday's posting in tonight for tomorrow I go to the Chamber of Horrors - the dentist. I will arrive early without having a cup of coffee and the torture begins.

They will politely ask me to come on back, put Roy in a nice room with sofas, deep chairs, coffee and snacks and even a TV to watch and then escort me to THE ROOM!!! So sweetly they will ask me to lie back in this chair, place my arm very carefully on the chair's arm and then...... the DENTIST comes in with this cherubic look on his face, smile and gently ask me if I am ready.

READY!!! Oh no! Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde has entered the chamber. I can't let that sweet smile and soft voice fool me for they are going to do all sorts of horrible things to my mouth and least of these are 3 screws in my gums. Horrors!!!! Pull a tooth, inject crushed bone, sew it up and pack it with gauze and who knows what else.

You see when he gently places that foot-long needle in my arm and injects the "joy juice", off I go to Lala land where only sweet dreams are allowed and you float not walk and the colors are bright and you don't care what the heck they are doing to you back in the Chamber of Horrors. They told me they were going to apply the screws and do all sorts of bloody things to my mouth, but at this point I will not care for that shot sure is a strong cocktail.

BUT the time of awakening will arrive all too soon and I will hear a sweet voice out of the fog saying, "Mrs. Robson, wake up. Are you OK? Wake up, your husband is here." Who cares, he has been in that nice room eating, drinking, watching TV and doing who knows what with the pretty nurses. I try to open my eyes but I really will not want to leave that lovely land of Lala. It hurts over here but I know I have to moan and groan and nod my head to say I'm OK so that they can pour me in the car to come home.

So, I meekly nod, mumble and try not to throw up with that pound of gauze in my mouth so I can get the heck out that Chamber of Horrors. To home I want to come so Roy can give me another one of those "horse pills" and I can return to Lala land where people are nice and Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde are banned.

Tomorrow will be a little cloudy so I will see you Wednesday. By the way, a 24 hour prayer vigil is wanted, so get on the knees!!!!

Nuff said

The Georgia Peach

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