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Good evening. A little late getting to my post today, but was baking bread and cleaning house. I would like to introduce you to may assistant editor who helps me post by sitting in my lap, or on the desk or by the computer. My assistant is Bumper, our cat. Bumper is a stray we adopted about 14 years ago. He was prowling around the kitchen door of our church and being fed by the kitchen staff and our Nanette, who lived next door. He was so pretty I told Nannette if she could catch him, we would bring out to the country where we live and she did, that day. When we brought him home, he jumped out of the carrier and disappeared behind an oak tree and would not come out. I took him food several times a day and water and sat an talked to him while he ate. Still not letting us touch him, he became accustomed to our voices and in about a week, he came to the house and rest you might say is history. He is our big fluffy baby who sits in our laps, sleeps at the foot of our bed, and assists me in writing.
His name was given to him because he bumps you under the chin every time he gets in your lap. He will also give you a hug around the neck and purr like a little transfer truck. When food time comes, twice a day, he can sing and sing until you feed him and then he will come get in your lap, give you a chin bump and settle down for some loving.
Bumper is the most affectionate cat we have ever had, but is afraid of anyone but the family. If anyone else shows up, he disappears until they leave. We think he was possibly abused as a kitten but he is our buddy, our friend and my asst. editor. Now to meet our Bumper!!
This is his most familiar pose. He likes the sofa and the lap robe.

Like all cats, he is curious about everything and loves to hide in boxes.

Roy's desk is one of his favorite spots. He will lie down under the lamp and sleep for hours. (Please excuse the messy desk, but that is the sign of a genius)

Of course, the lounge chair is just for him, and sleeps quite comfortably.

This is King Kitty asleep on his pillow. He likes to have a pillow to sleep on, but I do too, don't you?

This is his watchful pose. His is listening to see if food is about to be prepared.

This is his "Assistant Editor" spot. He alternately watches the computer and the birds and squirrels out side. Last week, I noticed he was especially interested in a spot on the front porch and when I looked around the computer, he was nose to nose with a squirrel outside the window. I assume this is one of his friends.

Nuff Said,
The Georgia Peach

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Becky said...

The most adorable cat ever. I love Bump Bump as we sometime call him. Unfortunately my uncle is allergic to cats but when he visits, he survives. But of course, Bumper is outside because he is not use to my uncle. I do miss Little Gray though.