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Old tobacco barns and other buildings from Cook County Georgia are quickly disappearing from our lands. I think they are beautiful though their walls may be leaning to one side and their foundations crumbling. Once they stood straight and were built to be be used to dry tobacco, the main crop in this area years ago. Families planted, picked, dried and sold this crop to buy what their families needed. It was a tough way to make a living and these old barns were a necessary part of this cycle.

One of the newer versions on McConnel Bridge Road. It is now being used for storage as many others are today.

Older barn on CountyFarm Road. Main building material was wood and it is no longer being used. I like the way the sun gilds the roof.

This is the oldest I have found and is also on County Farm Road. It was built from logs and parts are still standing.

Another view of one of the newer style barns.

Log Tobacco barn

This is an older home on Old Union Road which I have admired. I am sure it was once a fine home for a family who built it with pride.

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures and I will continue to share them with you as I travel throughout the county with my camera to capture some of these sturdy, useful buildings which are almost gone.
Nuff said,
The Georgia Peach

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