Thursday's Cooking Tips

Listen my children and you shall read some tips I use to make my life easier and maybe yours also. Might as well share this great wealth of experience with you young ones.

1. When chopping onions, bell pepper, celery or other vegetables chop the entire onion, pepper, etc. and freeze what you don't need for that 1 recipe.
2. If you use onion, bell pepper and celery together in a recipe, combine them before freezing.
3. If you can buy fresh vegetables cheaper by the bag, buy and freeze in meal sized portions or recipe size portions. I was able to buy a bag of about 6 peppers this week for less than the price of the 2 I needed so I will chop and freeze the others. Saves money and time.
4. To make cracker crumbs to bake on top of casseroles, place in plastic bag and pound with meat mallet, rolling pin or a can. Quick and easy.
5. Chopped nuts can be done the same way.
6. I buy cheese by the block and have found the new plastic bags with the vacuum tool to suck out all of the air is great to store the cheese. It will not mold without the air.
7. Buy block cheese and grate it all with the food processor and store in plastic bags. Cheaper than buying the shredded cheese.

Always keep a sink full of warm, sudsy water when cooking and wash as you go.

Happy cooking
The Georgia Peach

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