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Good morning, ya'll. Come on in for the coffee's ready and sure does taste good. Speaking of coffee, my sweetheart was telling me about a blind coffee test of some of the really expensive coffees in comparison to the house brands. You know those coffees you go in these coffee houses and pay a lot of money to stand there and look at that wall of choices and think and think and then choose something you never heard of, pay $5 for 1 cup. Then you sit down with a paper cup of something that doesn't even taste like coffee because they have added cinnamon, chai (whatever that is), all kind of flavors and you wonder why in the world you did such a stupid thing when all you wanted was a cup of coffee!

Now don't get me wrong or your panties in a wad or BVDs, whichever you wear, I like some of these fancy coffees and I've been drinking Dunkin D for years when I can get it, but some of these places have just gone out of their gourds with their combinations. Why would you want to mess up the nectar of the gods or that great brown bean which gives us that boost every day, several times a day in my situation?

Back to my original thought, they found out that the old Eight O'Clock brand won! Bet their bubble was busted. I like this brand also and used to buy it at the old A&P store and when you would open up that package of beans, pour it in the grinder and press that button, you could smell that wonderful aroma all over the store. You just couldn't wait to get home and make a cup and drink it. It made you want to grab a coffee pot and make a cup right there. I had a non-coffee drinking friend say that if it tasted as good as it smells she would be a coffee addict like me. She is a little strange any way.

So, I guess that proves that we can make our own coffee using whatever our favorite brand is and know it is the best around. and not have to go to one of these fancy places and pay an arm and a leg and mortgage the house for 1 cup of coffee with lots of stuff in it. Just give me a cup with a tad of sweetener and a tad of cream and I am in "coffee heaven." So come on in for a cup with me. Don't it smell good and tastes better.

That's about all for today for my face hurts from Dr. Jekyll and I'm going to get out the ice pack.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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Becky said...

I do like my Starbucks Grande Carmael Macchiacto (? I think i spelled it right).