Wednesday's Follow-up

Good morning to ya'll or at least I think it's morning. I think I took 1 too many "horse pills" or drank 1 or 2 too many cups of coffee but I can't sleep so just got on up and am making some more coffee to jump start my day.

You see, after having my session in the Chamber of Horrors with Drs. Jekkyll and Hyde and Nurse Assist the Dr., I feel as though I have been beaten, cut, drilled and injected. And you know what gets my panties in a wad? I am paying them to torture me like this. And to top that, I asked for it. Now I know old age brings senility, dementia and "all-timers" but this is ridiculous. Maybe I need see the other doctor, "Dr. Fix the Brain." Maybe he can help me realize what the heck is going on in my brain for I could have just kept those hurting teeth and gotten used to the toothache but maybe not. That was rather painful and this will get well, eventually, some day, next year....... This is a do something, wait awhile, and do something else procedure.

The next problem is how do I eat? Yesterday it was a milk shake, chicken noodle soup, bread soaked in coffee and yogurt. What's wrong with this picture? No steak, french fries, or anything which had to be chewed. I suppose this means I either eat a soft diet, ugh, or baby food. The alternative is to learn how to gum it like some of my kin folks I hated to watch eat. I'll try not to eat in public or if so eat grits, scrambled eggs and soak my bread in the coffee. You see, this if about a 6 months ordeal - do something, wait, do something, and wait. Going to be a long 6 months I think.

Well, my coffee is ready so I can dip my bagel in it so that I can eat something solid and that is--

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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