Wednesday's Food

We like to eat a lot of fresh fruit and oranges and grapefruit are 2 of our favorites so I keep a bowl of fruit salad ready to eat. This is our dessert to cut down on calories. This is the basic recipe, but will include the optional fruits also.

3 large red grapefruit
4 - 5 fruit oranges
about 1 cup of Splenda

Peal the fruit using a knife to make sure all the white pith is removed. Section the grapefruit section by section. Slice the oranges into small slices. Mix and add Splenda or similar sugar substitute to taste. This will depend on the sweetness of the fruit.
Optional fruit I add:
Pineapple - small can drained
1 small apple - chopped - I do not peel the apple - wash well
2 cans of mandarin oranges - drained
1 banana sliced - add just before serving
1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts
1 small jar red cherries - drained - sliced
I have used canned grapefruit if I do not have fresh

This is good, no fat and low calorie. If you leave out the pineapple and cherries, it is a good diabetic salad. Serve alone or on a bed of lettuce.


The Georgia Peach

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