Wednesday's Musings

How are ya'll doing? I am fine as frog hair spit three ways as our daddy would say or as a dear friend would say, "Super good and getting better." Either one fits today for God has blessed us with a warm, sunny day and His creation is growing and turning green. Unfortunately this includes the weeds and we have a multitude. There is one ferocious weed called Rattlesnake weed which has roots like a rattlesnake rattle. It grows and grows and multiplies worse than rabbits and the only way to get rid of it is to move and if you carry any flowers with you they trot right behind and plant themselves in the new yard. So, we just pull them up which is useless but makes us pretend we are taking care of the problem.

I also saw our first bluebird this morning and that always cheers me up for we know spring is here or coming soon. They are so pretty and we have their house waiting on them. We usually have about 3 hatching's during the spring and summer and enjoy watching the parents taking care of the babies. They work so hard flying back and forth to feed those little hungry beaks.

My little brother reminded me of a piece of misinformation in my posting yesterday. When we sold the midget calf, Mr. Bridges carried it home in the back seat of his Cadillac convertible. Not sure how I could forget that car for we were terribly envious of that car. It was my dream to have one just like it. Even now I want one, I think just not a Caddy.

This reminds me of a friend's experience with a convertible. Like me she had always wanted one, so when she was in her 50's - old you know - she bought a red Mustang convertible and took care of it like it was her child. She proudly drove this car with the top down and her hair blowing in the breeze and often her best friend was with her. Now these 2 ladies had added a "few" pounds during the past years and their hair was not their natural color, if you get my meaning and the wrinkles had arrived in all the usual places. This didn't stop these 2 former beauty queens from riding around in this hot car and enjoying every minute of it. 2 Southern belles getting on with life with zest.

They were riding down I75 one afternoon with the top down, their hair blowing in the breeze, laughing, talking, and listening to the radio when she noticed a car following them. The car was full of college aged boys and they were laughing and motioning for her to slow down. They finally pulled along side with windows down and were going to scout out these 2 girls in a red convertible until they saw their faces. These 2 "actresses" flirted like all Southern belles can do and those boys faces fell to their knees, the windows were rolled up and they floored the accelerator and took off with great disappointment. The 2 hot chicks were 2 cool moms. What a total disaster. Of course these 2 ladies of the South were flattered beyond belief and couldn't wait to tell the rest of us. We all got a good laugh and were totally envious.

Several years ago, some of us were walking by a construction site on our campus and one of the men whistled at us. One of the group asked me didn't that insult me to be whistled at by a construction worker and I quickly replied that evidently he mistook my white hair for platinum blond, did not get a look at the face, and my legs are pretty good, so no I was not insulted but flattered to death. Do you know how long it's been since I had a man give me a whistle much less a second look.

The only place I get looked at, whistled at and maybe a pass is at the nursing home or assisted living home. They can't see, can't hear and that makes me look pretty good. What a downer that is.

One of the ladies I mentioned above was a college professor at a nearby university several years back and taught graduate school research. One night during class she was giving a very difficult exam which was giving a young man on the front row a hard time. Evidently he had been too busy to study due to a hectic social life and was sweating bullets. She noticed his obvious difficulty but walked by monitoring the students. This good-looking young hunk wearing shorts, looked at her, smiled and opened his legs wide for her to view. She just smiled, walked to him, leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Not impressive enough for an A." He actually had the grace to grow beet red and slowly sunk down very low in his desk. She continued to stroll around the room with a huge smile on her face. I think he probably failed that class, knowing this lady.

You see as we Southern Belles grow older we grow with grace and beauty for as long as our husband thinks we are lovely that is all that is important. Now if unfortunately we are left as widows, watch out for our flirting genes kick in with a vengeance. We are born with it and it may be dormant for a while, but it only takes a little loneliness to make them bloom again. After all we have been using them with our husbands. Never forget, once a Southern belle, always a Southern belle.

I have also given up on the convertible for I don't think I could get in and out of these low-riding cars now. What a bummer!

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

PS: Little brother, I need the name of our horse

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