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Hi ya"ll. A little late tonight, but had a full day. I worked at our church's food pantry this morning and that just wears me out. I know I'm getting older and the back acts up but I do enjoy working there. It is so awesome to have the privilege of providing food for people who need it. I'm so glad I belong to a church which sees the need to provide for physical needs as well as spiritual needs.

Tonight I went visiting with our F.A.I.T.H. team from out church. This is always a joyful time for me for I have met some interesting people when visiting. Most of our visits are to people who have visited our church, have children who attend our AWANA classes or have some connection with us. Other visits are called "cold calls" when we don't know who will answer the door and that's a little interesting for you never know how you will be received.

Now my team for the past several months has been 2 men and me! We always mix the groups with both men and women and because I am older, white headed and somewhat small, they always put me in front. They say I am harmless looking so they will answer the door and most of the time it's true. Who cannot be kind to the sweet, little, old, grandmotherly looking lady standing at your door? Also, being in the South helps for hospitality is one of the rules down here.

We do get to meet some interesting people this way, however. One call I was almost eaten alive by a little. fluffy, white dog with pink bows on her head. Had not the owner had a close grip on her, she would have gnawed my ankles good. That was about as far as she could reach, but she sounded ferocious. Now I am making the assumption it was a female dog because of the pink bows, but who knows in the world we live in now.

Another time when we rang the doorbell, we saw lights in the house, I heard breathing on the other side of the closed door, and I stepped back so they could see the harmless, little old lady through the peephole, but they never opened the door. I guess the harmless, little old lady trick didn't work. That's like another house where as we parked all the lights went out in the house. Either we possess a power we were not aware of - the ability to cut off lights from outside the house - or these people didn't want a visit that night. I tend to think it was the latter for who could resist the sweet, old lady.

One night we finally found the house after driving way down a country road but the house had about 100 cars parked around it, no porch light and we couldn't see a path between the cars. One of our team members began to hear banjos playing the theme from the movie Deliverance and I could see shadowy forms through the windows and made a quick decision that the Lord didn't want us to visit them that night. Later I went by in the daylight and it looked rather harmless and most of the cars were gone. I do believe the Lord gave us a brain to use, not to just occupy space in our cranium and mine was telling me to not stop on that dark night way down in Georgia.

Another visit, when we finally found the house, there were a group of men standing around a large metal barrel with a fire burning in it. Now this house was in a rather "interesting" part of our little town, and the fire light shining on their faces made them look a little "interesting" and I told one of my team members I would prefer not to stop and try to tell these gentlemen about God's love. This was another time I just knew the Lord wanted me to use that brain He gave me and if they wanted to stop that was fine, but I wasn't getting out of the truck and furthermore, I was locking the door. After all, I am just a little old white haired lady, but I'm a wise little old lady.

We have met up with a man who was ADD, ADHD and any other combinations of "D" you could think of. Bless his heart, he couldn't be still and couldn't quit moving his mouth to save his life which is what we were attempting to do. He surely had the heebeejeebies big time. Maybe someday we can slip him some Ritalin and talk to him about how much God cares about him, or maybe not for he sure is an active fellow.

Despite the dogs, the darkness, the busy fellow, it is a blessed experience to have the blessing of sharing God's message of love and salvation and I am so joyful to be used like this. Now we can all shout hallelujah and amen.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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