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Ya'll come on in for a cup of coffee, still hot but need to make a fresh pot. I have had several, many, a lot - in other words, I am on a caffeine high. It was great but do I really need that much hype, yep, you bet I do. Lots to do today.

I plan to start my garden today! Now our gardening is done mostly in containers because we are old and plowing, bending over and weeding is a pain in the back. We had a pretty good supply of fresh vegetable last year, so will try it again this time. We are using large black containers which they use to pick vegetables and when they drop of the trucks, we pick them up. Remember I am Scotch and frugal or Southern and know how to stretch a dollar. I also have a some 5 gallon buckets and these work pretty well also along with some large, rectangular plastic storage bins. You have to sure and drill some drainage holes in the bottom.
Last year we had tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and peppers in containers and they did well. Learned that green beans didn't like it so will try something different for them. We discovered that the large plant nursery containers used for trees and shrubbery also do well. If you see any by the side of the road, pick them up for us.

We are going to try the hanging upside down way of growing tomatoes. This seems to work well and you don't have to bend over or weed if you grow them this way. Now it looks a little strange to see tomatoes hanging by their roots, but if it works, who cares how it looks. Anyway if I can plant not to have to bend over, I'm for it.

I need good tomatoes for this is one of my favorite foods in the summer. If I have tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peas, and cornbread, I can be a vegetarian. There is nothing better than a big plate of sliced tomatoes, cukes and vidalia onions with fresh cornbread. 'Mater sandwiches are the best. Mater sammiches is the Southern way of saying Tomato Sandwiches and they are good with lots of mayonnaise and fresh lettuce or you can leave of the lettuce and add a big slice of onion. It makes me drool to think about it.

Now these so-called tomatoes you can buy in the fall and winter are pitiful substitutes for the home grown, summer ones. They have no taste and are plumb pitiful and please don't use one for a sammich for you will be woefully disappointed. I will use them in a pinch for salads, but rather not have any than these poor substitutes.

Daddy used to grow tomatoes so large that 1 slice would cover a piece of bread! We got a whole lot of sandwiches from 1 tomato. Mama would make homemade mayonnaise and talk about good? It was plumb heavenly and was our summer supper many nights. Add some fresh onions and cold, sweet milk and it was like nectar from heaven.

In case you don't know what "sweet" milk might be, it is the opposite of buttermilk or sour milk. This is the fresh milk daddy would get from our cows and mama would strain it with clean cheesecloth into our quart or 1/2 gallon jars. The cream would rise to the top and we would pour that off until we had enough to churn for butter, shake the bottle to mix the rest of the cream throughout the milk and pour a big glass. We had fresh milk at all 3 meals and in between if we wanted some.

We had iced tea sometimes but not soft drinks or Kool-Aid. Mama would make lemonade from scratch sometimes and we would have iced tea on Sunday and for company. We could pour in some chocolate syrup, which mama made, to the milk or make milkshakes with sugar and vanilla, but milk was on the table every day for all 3 meals. It took me a spell to appreciate the bought milk we had to drink at school for it tasted "funny."

I sure would like to have a big, fresh, ripe tomato right now, but I guess I will just have to plant some and wait and wait and wait.

Nuff said,

The Georgia Peach

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